Starting Anew

The Doctor wrung his hands anxiously.

He studied the fine lines across his knuckles, stark against
his pale skin.

He knew what was happening to Rose like the back of his

Which begged the question, where exactly had he gotten that
scar across his thumb?


The Doctor was at Mercy
Hospital in Cardiff, still in Pete’s World, awaiting news
of Rose….and the baby.


He sat hunched over, staring at a magazine on the coffee
table showing some movie actress with flowing blonde locks and a plastic smile.

“Rose is a much more beautiful blonde,” He thought aloud.


The silence in the tiny waiting room was deafening.

He had considered turning on the telly in the corner but he
couldn’t watch it – he was too distracted to focus on anything.


And then he felt it.

The faint tingling of another nearby.

Another of his kind.


He sat up straight.

That was impossible…..Time Lords didn’t even exist in this

The Doctor began to laugh hysterically.

The baby.

It was the baby.


He leaned back, sinking into the brown couch he was sitting

The thoughts of the child were open and unguarded as all
infant Time Lords were.

They were composed of sounds and colors flitting like
butterflies across the Doctor’s mind’s eye.

He gently responded with his own which took the form of a
blue one with little tinkling bells.

Yellow curiosity and orange shock along with a loud clang came
back across the telepathic network.

He smiled gleefully and pink went to the baby accompanied by
a humming.


The door opened, scattering the colors and sounds until they
were all but gone.

He looked up to see a nurse clad in white.


“Mr. Smith?”


He nodded.


“Please come with me,”


She was smiling, so it couldn’t be that bad.


He rose and followed her down the white corridors ofMercyHospital.


He sank into the network again and saw that the colors were
growing brighter, the sounds stronger.

He gave out little pulses of green and the child responded.

He sprinted past the startled nurse who had been escorting

Physicians and patients darted out of the Doctor’s way as he
bolted down the hallway, skidding round the corner and running into the
hospital room.


Rose looked up, startled.

She was holding a little bundle pulsating with an aura of
sound and color.


The Doctor grinned, his eyes fixed on it.




He snapped out of it, looking at Rose.


“She’s ginger.” Rose told him flatly.


Breathless, he dropped into the chair beside the bed.


“Really? Imagine that!”


Rose smiled.


He stood, looking over her shoulder.

He cautiously drew back the wrappings to see a tiny cherub’s
face turned up at him.

Her eyes opened, the darkest of blues, which, he knew, would
one day be dark brown.

He told her with his mind that he was the one who had been
communicating to her.

And Victoria
smiled – only one hour old.



“Daddy, daddy, daddy! Wake up, it’s Christmas!”


The Doctor groaned and reached for the lamp beside the bed.

He switched it on to see a wild freckled face in his.


it’s the middle of the night…..”

Rose shifted beside him.


“What’s going on,”


The Doctor glanced over at her.


“Vicki says it’s Christmas.”


Rose pushed her self onto her elbows, looking at the pair of
them, Victoria
kneeling beside the bed, the Doctor looking ticked off and both of them had the
funniest bed-head.


“Oh does she? I suppose we’ll have to make the most of it
then, won’t we?”


grinned and tugged on the Doctor’s arm,

“Come on, you heard her, get up!”


It was Victoria’s
sixth Christmas. Growing up hadn’t been easy. From medical problems with her
weak left heart to trying to fit in at school, Vicki was not the average little


The Doctor leapt out of bed in his polka dot pajamas causing
Vicki to back up, a slightly fearful expression on her face.


“Well come on then, let’s go unwrap some presents!”


ran squealing from the room as the Doctor bounded behind her like an enormous


The Doctor pulled ahead of her in the hallway so that he led
the way onto the balcony, thundering down the steps to the front room.


A gigantic Christmas tree was centered right in front of the
staircase so the two Time Lords had to run round it on either side.

Vicki surprised the Doctor as she rounded the large tree and
leapt upon him.

The wound up in a heap at the foot of the tree, Victoriatickling her
father as she knelt on his stomach.


“Stop it! Hee-hee, that tickles!”


His face was all scrunched up as he laughed his heart out.


“Alright, get off him or Santa will take back all you
presents,” Rose scolded Vi as she entered the room.


cast her a withering glance, “Mum, even I
know that there’s no such thing as Santa.”


Rose smiled. Her girl was so bright.


They all settled round the tree at last as Vicki rummaged
through the many boxes.

The Doctor was right there next to her.


“Open this one! No, this one…, no….THIS one.” He


She grinned as she took the box he held out to her.

It was long and slender, wrapped in blue paper.


She tore off the wrappings and opened the cardboard box.


It was a key on a long white string.

She held it up to the light of the Christmas tree.

It sparkled in the multicolor.


“It’s a key,” Victoria
stated flatly.


The Doctor wrapped his long, slender hands around her tiny
hand clutching the key.


“It’s a very special key.”


When he let go, Victoria


The key was glowing.


The Doctor took it from her gently and moved his hand back
and forth. To the right, the key glowed brighter, to the left dimmer.


He looked at Vi.


“Ready for a game of hot and cold?”


She grinned.


Five minutes later, the three of them went out into the
winter wonderland outside.

The snow came up to Victoria’s


Vicki plunged ahead, holding the key in front of her like a
torch in the dark night.

They were walking across the TylerMansion
backyard. They came over a rise and there, atop a hill was an all too familiar
blue box.

The light was on, glowing white hot.


Vicki clung to the key like a safety precaution, shuffling
towards it.


The Doctor behind her snapped his fingers and the doors


Warm orange light spilled onto the carpet of snow.

The T.A.R.D.I.S sensed her presence and the lights began to
pulse inside.


Transfixed, Victoria
wandered inside, her eyes flickering from wonder to wonder in the magnificent

She could feel a presence that was caressing her very soul,
fondling her emotions causing ecstasy to bubble up inside her.

Vicki restrained herself from laughing aloud.

Even at the age of six, Vicki understood that the T.A.R.D.I.S was alive….and so
much more than that……


“Hello dear.”


jumped, whirling around, brandishing her little key like a weapon.

The Doctor came in followed by Rose……

And in front of them stood a woman in a stunning blue dress.

Her eyes and hair were the color of sapphires.

It appeared that white dwarf stars were tangled in her hair,
trapped there, glittering.

She was barefoot, each toenail painted blue as were the
nails on her hands.


“Who are you?”


The Doctor circled the woman inquisitively. Rose backed
against a wall, eyeing her cautiously.


“She’s the T.A.R.D.I.S,” The Doctor announced loudly.


Rose blinked, obviously confused. “I don’t…..”


The woman seemed equally confused until she nodded sharply,
“That’s right,” the woman said, “You don’t remember what happened do you? You
were…..we were….the Bad Wolf at the time, newly born.”


Vicki was still standing, holding out the key.

Her realization of the situation kicked in and she ran to
the Doctor, wrapping her tiny arms around one of his legs.


“You haven’t manifested yourself in a long time, have you?”
The Doctor cocked one eyebrow.


The woman….the T.A.R.D.I.S woman…..lifted her chin, “And you
haven’t taken the time to speak to me….have you?”


The Doctor’s eyes were immediately riveted to the floor.

The woman walked forward until she was nose to nose with the

In Rose’s mind, something clicked. Something began to
finally make sense.

As they stood there, facing one another, she realized they
appeared as twins might.

One was male and the other female yet they carried the same
traits in their facial features. The Doctor and the woman were identical.


“The T.A.R.D.I.S and I have a symbiotic bond. When I am
hurt, so is she and vice versa. She thinks what I think, feels what I
feel….etcetera, etcetera, etcetera……” The Doctor explained, as though he had
read Rose’s thoughts.


The T.A.R.D.I.S crouched by the Doctor’s feet and touched
Vicki’s cheek, staring lovingly into her chocolate brown eyes.

buried her face in the Doctor’s pant leg, unable to understand why this strange
woman was looking at her so.


“I created her,” she explained, “When you kissed the ninth
regeneration of the Doctor. When he kissed you to draw the Time Vortex from
your body, I took the opportunity to take twenty three chromosomes from each of
you and create a fetus. The Time Lord gestation period is up to two years so I
had plenty of time to prepare. When the time was right, the gestation period of
a human kicked in and well….you became pregnant, Rose.”


The T.A.R.D.I.S looked to Rose.

Rose stared back at the strange creature crouching by her
Doctor’s feet.

The T.A.R.D.I.S turned back to Victoria who had sneaked
another peek at her.


“Oh, child, you don’t have to be afraid of me! I’m….well….lets
call me your Aunt, shall we?”


She held out her arms to her.

explored this new person with her mind, reaching out with blood red psychic

This…..thing…..seemed safe enough. In fact, somehow she
registered this woman as akin to her father.

held out her arms in response and the T.A.R.D.I.S scooped her up into her


She buried her face in her starry hair. This woman, Victoriareasoned, was
not just akin to her father….in a way, she must be her father.

Rose circled the woman, watching her closely, as though she
might drop the child.


The T.A.R.D.I.S gently handed Victoriato the Doctor, whispered something
in his ear and abruptly vanished from the room.


The truth of Victoria’s
existence had been revealed.

It was not, in fact, a product of the night on the moon base
as Rose, and the old Victoria,
had feared.

The T.A.R.D.I.S had chosen to save the Doctor’s race…..and
later, dear reader, you will come to find that more than one species was saved
that night……..


And as for what was whispered in the Doctor’s ear?


“You must remember,
the Bad Wolf can never be destroyed. Cherish every moment you have with Victoria. Silence will fall.”


The End

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