My Song Ends

(Featuring Eleventh Doctor ONLY)


I was somewhere new.

Somewhere strange.



There were no owls hooting, no eyes gleaming in the

It was night and starlight danced on the grey brick walls to
my left and right.

The paving stones beneath my feet were as black as ink.

Electric light cast a dim white light on the street corners
from the tops of curved posts, akin to streetlights.

It was cold.

Cold as ice.

The chill seeped into my bones and I shuddered.


I was standing in one of these dark alleys in the hauntingly
empty city.

A sudden blazing heat caused me to whirl round.


It was the Bad Wolf.


Her ethereal claws had already formed around her slender

Her hood was thrown back, showing me at last what I had
suspected from the start.

She was my mother.


“You monster!” I screamed.


She lashed her claws across my face and I fell to the
ground. She kicked me again and again as I lay in a heap against the wall.


“How could you?” I looked up into her glowing eyes. They
blazed right back into mine.


“How can I, you asked? First, I destroy her, inside…..deep
inside…. then, I possess her body and burn out her eyes,”


I lunged at her in fury, tearing at her white cloak.

She pushed me back against the wall. Hard.

My ribs cracked and exactly three shattered.

I slid to the ground in a bloody heap.


She leaned down, hissing in my ear, “Get up…. And run!”


I picked myself up and limped out of the alley into a dark

My head felt heavy and hot.

My vision blurred as I was knocked to the ground by a fiery
blow to the back. My face was pressed against the cool black stones.


“You. All this time – it was
you.” I croaked.


“No. I have merely assumed her
form – used her body as my own. And now, little Time Lady, you die.”


I staggered to my hands and
knees, blood pooling beneath my splayed fingers.


“No, you can’t!” I whimpered.


One year traveling and it all
ended like this.


I felt my strength slowly ebb
away as she dealt a blow with ethereal fire.

I heard the faint, ever growing
stronger, sound of an ancient grinding, moaning engine.


I lifted my eyes to see a misty shape appearing before me. A
light above it flashed in tune with the sound.


The T.A.R.D.I.S had come.

The door opened, bathing me in a blindingly bright light…..



Seth Danerman idly swung his leg back and forth which was
dangling from the tree branch he was perching on. His eyes may have been
watching the crimson zeppelin in the distance, but his mind was onVictoria.

The last time he had seen her, she had been holding onto him
as he was being sucked into a vortex to god knows where.

Then he had fallen to find himself in Pete’s World, the
parallel universe Vi had originally came from.


Seth now lived with Vicki’s grandparents,Jackieand Pete Tyler.




Jackie’s shrill
scream broke Seth’s thoughts and almost sent him flying down and out of the

He scrambled down from the oak and sprinted across the lawn
to theTylerMansion.


A man was standing on the porch.

A man with a strange smile and a bright red bowtie.




“Hi-ya Seth!” He answered cheerfully.


Seth stood with his mouth agape.


“But how did you-”


“The cracks,” The Doctor interrupted.


Seeing Seth’s puzzled face, he waved his hand about airily,


“Never mind. Long story. I’m here. That’s all that matters.
I was just looking for Rose Tyler,” The Doctor turned to Jackie


Jackieshook her
head sadly, “Rose is missing,”


Seth stared at his shoes.


“She’s been gone for an entire year.”


The Doctor nodded numbly.


Seth lifted his head, peering at him from beneath his black


The Doctor met his gaze.


“I know where she is,” Seth blurted.


He’d told Jackie.
Jackie, evidently, had not wanted
the Doctor to know the truth.

Too late now.


The Doctor raised an eyebrow.


“She’s….she’s in your universe.” Seth told him hesitantly.




He stared at me, blinked twice,


“What exactly are you doing here, Seth?”


I shuffled my feet.


“Me and Vi had a run in with R-…..I mean, the Bad Wolf. I
fell and woke up here.”


The Doctor narrowed his eyes.


“What were you going to say?”


“What do you mean?”


“When you said, ‘The Bad Wolf’,”


I pressed my lips together. Hard.


“Doctor,” Jackie
put a hand on his shoulder.


He looked back at her.

I shook my head vigorously at her.

She glared at me before saying,

“He was going to say Rose,”


I blew out the breath I was holding and began to ramble


“Great! Perfect, now he’s going to go after her, Vi’s going
to kill me, he’s going to…and then she….” I wrung my hands as the Doctor ran to
his T.A.R.D.I.S parked in the drive.


I ran after him.


“For gawd’s sake, wait for me!!”




The Doctor stepped out, perfectly silhouetted in the shining
light pooling around the base of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

His eyes were on me-

But they quickly shifted to the Bad Wolf standing above me.

He raised his sonic, pointing it towards her silently.


“Get out of her.”


“Ha! You think it works like that Doctor? She’s nothing more
than a hollow shell now, holding me together.”


The Doctor lowered his outstretched arm, his eyes never
leaving hers.

He stepped from the doorway of the T.A.R.D.I.S….

And behind him followed someone whom I thought was dead.

His eyes sparkled the bluest of blue, his black bangs
falling into them.




He ran to me, holding me close. I gathered fistfuls of his
grey hoodie and buried my face in his shoulder.


“I thought –” I began.




“I thought I lost you,”


We pulled away to look into each other’s eyes.


“I thought I’d lost me too.” He chuckled.


I gave a gasp of laughter through my pain and tears.


My blood had stained the front of his navy blue shirt.

He touched my face where the three slashed now bled freely.

His hand traveled till it caressed my split lip.

Then his lips met mine.

Now his lips and cheek were stained as well.


I looked back over my shoulder.

The Bad Wolf was moving towards the Doctor – my father.


I stood swiftly and lifted my right hand. The Silence gave
her life in one final blow towards the entity it sought to destroy. I felt her
leave me as a violet-tinged black pillar of lightning-streaked smoke knocked
the Bad Wolf unconscious on the other side of the plaza.


Blood trickled from my nose due to the effort.


I lost the energy to stand and sank into Seth’s embrace.

He cradled my head against his chest.

I laid my hand on his face.

He covered mine with his own.

His eyes shifted to the Doctor, still standing there.


“Go. Go to Pete’s World. Go back in time. Change all of
this. Find Rose.”


Seth looked down at me, still pressing my hand to his face.

He took his hand away and ran his fingers through my hair.


“I love you.”


“I love you too.”


The Doctor walked to the open T.A.R.D.I.S door and looked
back at us.


are you?”


I looked beyond Seth to the Doctor.


“You’ll find out.”


And as the T.A.R.D.I.S faded from sight, so did my world.

Seth and I became spirits on the wind.

We went wherever we saw fit.

We are the dust in sunlight, conversing with the Vashta

We are the spray of snow, made by passerby.

We are the thunder in the heart of a storm.

We are together, forever, for always – never parting.


Look for in the place between asleep and awake.

Between night and day.

Death and life.


The End

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