The Beginning of the End

Dear Reader,


This is the story of how I died.

It’s been a while since last you heard of me and Vi –
running away from Rose at the moon base.

We’ve had quite a few adventures too.

Now it’s time for our final adventure.





“YEEEEHAWWW!” Victoria
yelled, raising her sonic high above her head.


She was riding the slowest camel on earth and yet, she acted
as though it was going faster than a race car.


I laughed and shook my head.


We were in ancient Egypt, seeing the sights, trying
not to get eaten by crocodiles….you know, the usual.


Right now we were taking a camel ride towards the great

SO boring….

Not for Victoria,


She kicked her camel repeatedly until it let out a guttural


I sighed, pulling my camel up next to her.


“That’s not going to make it go any faster,” I told her,
echoing her own words from weeks ago when we had almost died in a futuristic
moon base.


She grinned and ceased the kicking.


I wrapped the reins of my camel around the pommel of the
saddle and tugged off my shirt.


“It’s bloody hot in this desert,” I complained, bundling up
my t-shirt and stuffing it in the saddle pack.


eyes trailed over my shirtless body.


“Yeah…” She murmured distractedly.


I rolled my eyes.

She snapped out of it and her face turned the color of her

I laughed till tears came to my eyes – and she laughed with


Our camels skidded to a halt and we were both tossed over
their heads and onto the ground.

I sat up, spitting out sand.


groaned, swearing a blue streak as she stood and brushed off her jeans.



My eyes were trained on the woman in front of us.



It was the Bad Wolf.

She smiled wickedly.


“Let the games begin.”




“You.” Victoria


The Bad Wolf smiled.


“Yes, I….”


I stood, shaking the sand off my pants.


“What do you want?” Victoria


The Bad Wolf spread her open palms towards her in a sign of


“I wish to make you a deal,”


Vicki frowned.


“You see, you’re stuck here. You can’t go home; you can’t
find your father…..All you can do is keep traveling. I can offer you a way to
go home or, if you wish, to find your father. Your choice.”


bit her lip, crossing her arms.

Her black trench coat fluttered in the hot breeze.


“What’s the catch?”


The Bad Wolf shook her hooded head, “No catch.”


That wasn’t like the Bad Wolf. From Vi’s stories of her
encounters with this entity, she always had catches. Why wouldn’t she now?


“Alright. I want to find the Doctor.”


The Bad Wolf nodded, “Is that your final choice?”




The scene around us changed and melted into a darkened city.
It was devoid of life.

Spare bits of paper rolled down the street.


I looked around for the camels. They were gone. There goes
my good shirt….


The city was more like a town, yet quite large. The
buildings were made of stone with tiled roofs.

Curved lampposts glistened on the street corners, casting
white light.


“Now….little Time Lady… to your father.” The Bad Wolf


nodded. She held her sonic out into the dark.


I grabbed her arm.

She looked at me.

“What if it’s a trap?” I whispered.


Vicki pulled away.


“It’s not – I’ll be fine.”

I nodded numbly.


She held out her sonic.

It began to blink.


“It’s sending out a distress signal,” She explained.


The Bad Wolf nodded.


“Good….very good…Now – time to get rid of


The entity swiftly grabbed my shoulders.


“Hey, what are you –”


A swirling blue vortex appeared in front of me.

I swallowed nervously.


fought the powerful wind emanating from it.

She couldn’t get any closer.


“Goodbye….young companion.”


The Bad Wolf let go.


I was pulled into the mouth of the vortex.


was suddenly there, grabbing my hand.

I held on for dear life.

Vi was being pulled in after me.

I had been in this same position weeks ago – but before I
had been dangling above a fiery pit….pulling her in with me.


me go.”


She shook her head furiously, “I don’t think so, not this


I knew what I had to do.


I relaxed my grip.


“No,” her voice cracked and she began to sob uncontrollably,
“No, don’t go, don’t leave me! I love you!”


I nodded, “I know Vi….I love you too….so very much. But you
have to let go.”


She nodded, “I’ll never forget you. Not ever.”


I smiled as tears streamed down my face – both hers and

I was going to die.


She let go.


The vortex closed around me.

The darkness consumed me.


And I fell….so very far.

When I opened my eyes, blue sky was above me, dotted with
clouds and seagulls.

There was sand beneath me but not Egyptian sand….it was
beach sand.


I sat up.

I was on some beach, somewhere…..The water of the ocean
crashed against the rocks.

It was cool out but not too cold.

A welcome change toEgyptI dare say.


I stood and looked round.


I began to walk.

I had no idea where I was or where I was going. I just had
to keep walking.

I passed a sign that read:











…..End of Book Two…..


The End

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