Love Will Always Prevail

I hung by one hand on Jenny’s belt.


Seth’s broken body lay far below.


Xenodemons gathered around it, squabbling over who would eat
it first.

I grabbed a chunk of rock from the tunnel wall and hurled it
at them.

They scattered, shrieking.

Jenny began to continue our ascent up.


“NO!” I cried, flinging my free hand wildly around.


Tears blurred my vision. Spots danced before my eyes.

Rage, anger, despair…..emotions boiled in my very core.

My hearts beat out a staccato rhythm, my weak left heart
stinging with pain as adrenalin ran through my veins.


it’s too late. We have to get out before this place comes crashing down around


With her own free hand, Jenny squeezed my shoulder.


“Let’s go.”


The sonic hauled us both up and into the light of artificial

The tunnel opened up into the biodome adjacent to the rest
of the building.

Exotic plants surrounded us, damp ground beneath our feet.

Colorful birds crested the zenith of the dome, glancing down

But I couldn’t see them.


All I could see were Seth’s vivid blue eyes, looking into my
own. The fire beneath him.


I’m sorry…..







I turned to Jenny.


Her wide blue eyes…..paler than Seth’s….were looking at me
with concern.


“I’m…fine.” My normally low voice cracked. I wiped furiously
at my eyes.


I had to keep going.



I opened my eyes.

I felt as though I’d been run over by a large truck.

I groaned, trying to push myself to my feet.

My right leg buckled and I cried out in pain.

Xenodemons had torn into the flesh on my right arm. They had
devoured some of my neck as well……my shirt was in strips.


Blood pooled around me…from me and the xenodemons. They had
hurt each other fighting over me.


My head felt light as though it was full of air.

The room spun around me.

I could barely breathe.

My cheek was pressed against the hot hard ground.

How was I alive? I fell hundreds of feet!


I glanced at the cavernous space where the Xenodemon had

Blood stained the walls. Fragments of her flesh were

Either she exploded or her children decided she wasn’t going
to live……

The pieces of her were charred.

She had burned to death and they had feasted.



I sickened at the thought.


I pushed myself onto my hands and dragged myself slowly,
painfully across the ground.

The fight was over.

The cave had stabilized.

Other than the intense heat, it was pretty safe.

But I was injured. Vi thought I was dead.


I couldn’t get out.

I was doomed to starve down here.


“HELP!” I screamed. My voice cracked from the effort.



[Victoria's Perspective - Tenth Doctor, not Eleventh]

The building shook.

The cave beneath was collapsing and this whole place would
come down with it.


“Jenny! Find re-breathers and moon shoes for everyone and
get these people out of here!”


I weaved through the panicked millionaires and delegates
scrambling in all directions, Jenny now shouting orders over the clamor.


I had heard something.

A voice.

Maybe it was just me.

But even if I died trying I would save Seth – If what I had
heard was real.


I ran down the eerily silent tunnel leading to the biodome.

Vegetation slapped my face as I tore through the

Startled birds cawed, screeched and whistled as I plunged
towards the cavern entrance.


It was still there.


I got down on my hands and knees and peered inside.

Lava had spewed from one corner of the room, almost covering
half of the floor already.


Seth was alive.

He was alive!

He had crawled on top of a boulder, his leg at a funny




He looked up.


“You came back!”


My hearts throbbed.

“Grab my sonic as it comes down!”


I detached the end, held on to it and dropped it down, the
silver wire glistening in the firelight.


Seth grabbed on and wrapped it round his chest and under his
arms, tugging it taut.


I leaned back and put the wire over my shoulder, hauling his
deadweight up.


The tension released and I spun round.

He lay panting on the ground by the tunnel.


I rushed to him and wrapped my arms round him.


“I thought I’d lost you,” I murmured into his ear.

He held me tight, burying his face in my hair.


“I thought I’d lost me too,” he said with a hoarse laugh.


I looked at his leg.

The bone of his shin was protruding through the skin.


“Oh my gawd - your leg!” I gasped in horror.


He twisted round to look at it.


“Oh yeah. That. Well, I can’t fall several feet unscathed
now can I? That would be you, not me,” he chuckled.


I gave him a dry glare.


The ground beneath us shook.


“Come on then,” I offered him my hand.


He took it and I pulled him up.


He hobbled into position next to me so that his injured leg
was closest to me.

I let him lean on me.


We half-ran out of the biodome and down the long tunnel as
the ground behind us lurched and began to fall into the cavern far below.


“Keep moving!” I yelled above the roar of falling rock just
behind us.


I cast a feverish glance over my shoulder to see a gaping
hole forming steadily towards us, various plants from the biodome falling into
the fiery pit.

The airlock into the rest of the building was just ahead.

I fumbled with the keypad with one hand while supporting
Seth with the other.


“Screw it.” I muttered, sonicking it.Sparksflew and the door slid open.


I threw Seth in and tumbled after him just as the ground
fell away completely beneath my feet.

The glass tunnel we had just run through from the biodome
collapsed in a spray of glass shards, the oxygen in the airlock vacuuming out.

I clamped my fingers around the edge of the doorway, my feet
extending into the blackness of space.

Seth was lying on the ground, both hands wrapped around a
thin pipe near the second airlock door.

I screamed as one of my hands slipped.


Seth looked back, reaching a hand out to me.

I took it and he hauled me inside.


I kicked the control panel on the inside and the airlock
door slammed shut.

I fell to the ground with a thud.

Seth was gulping in air, his whole body shaking on the white
plastic floor.

I crawled over to him on my hands and knees, lying down next
to him.

He turned his head and looked at me.


“Let’s never do that again,” He moaned.


We laughed uncontrollably.

I wrapped my arms around his neck.




He smiled.


The ground shook.

In an instant we were falling.

Falling through fire and rock.


Seth reached out towards me.

I grabbed him and held him close.


“No matter what happens…. Don’t! Let! GO!” I told him.


He nodded.


I touched my watch.


The world around us exploded into a kaleidoscope of colors.

We were in the time vortex again.


Seth breathed a sigh of relief.

I smiled, letting the soothing warmth of the ethereal flames
seep into my skin.


“I thought….that we were going to die.” He whispered.

I gazed into his bright blue eyes.


“Us….. Die? Never!”


He grinned.

The colors faded away.


Seth looked down at his leg in surprise. It had been healed
by the power of the vortex.


We were standing on a viewing platform in the moon base –
but it wasn’t exploding…..

It was abandon and dark. Outside, the biodome was only

Cold, dead, machines were scattered everywhere…… It was
still undergoing construction obviously.


Voices were floating towards us from down the hall.

I pulled Seth away. We hid in the shadows, crouching down.


A man stepped from the darkness.

It was the man I had seen in the visions upon crossing

Not the man with a mysterious smile.

The man with rich brown eyes and spiky hair.

It was the Doctor.


He was wearing a pinstripe suit and chatting away with
someone behind him.

I almost screamed when I saw who it was.

It was my mum.

She was younger, but still my mum.

She was smiling and nodding, listening to him.


They stood on the platform, looking out over the moon base.


The Doctor put his finger on the glass, pointing to


She smiled.


He wrapped his arm around her.


She put her head on his chest.


Their heads grew closer and closer together until their lips

I knew what was coming next.

I turned away – so did Seth.


We half crawled, half walked, down the hall into the

Something clinked behind me.

I winced.

My sonic had fallen out of my pocket.


“What’s wrong?” – Mum.

“I…I thought I heard something,”

Somehow his voice wasn’t how I’d always imagined it.


“What am I doing?”




“No….get away from me!”


The sound of a slap stung my ears.

He’d struck at her.

The Doctor had hit my mum.


The sound of clothing rustling and feet walking swiftly away
met my ears.


And a woman was sobbing.


I stood.


“Vi! What the hell are you doing?” Seth hissed.


I walked partially into the light.


Rose, my mum, was crouching on the platform on the balls of
her feet, a pale blue blanket wrapped around her thin form.

Mascara ran in dark streaks down her face.

She turned to look at me when I cleared my throat.


“This may or may not make sense right now but….I know what
you’re going through,”


She glared at me, “Get out of here kid. This is none of your


I bowed my head.


“Actually….Rose Tyler….It
is my business.”


She stared at me curiously.


“You see….one day, I’ll be someone you care about.
And….well, let’s just say I know how the Doctor thinks. He feels as though
he’ll lose you if he grows to love you. He thinks….he thinks that everything he
touches withers and dies. He loves you so much that he can’t bear to lose you
too….so he never gets too close. One day, something good will come of this
night. Actually, many good things. I hope you understand that,”


Rose stood and hugged the blanket around her.


“You really think so?” She wiped at her face, smearing her
mascara across her cheek.


I grinned.


“Oh I know so.”


She walked towards me.

I backed further into the shadows.


“No – come closer…. where I can see you.”


I froze.

She pulled on my arm gently until I stumbled towards her.

She gasped.


“Oh! Oh …I think I understand now,”


I avoided her gaze.


“You’re….you’re mine….aren’t you?”


I looked at her.

Her brown eyes explored the details of my face with wonder.


I turned swiftly and ran into the darkness.


Seth rose and scrambled after me, “Hey wait for me!” he


We held hands and I touched my watch.

We ran into the vortex and left the abandon moon base far


But I knew that somewhere in the past, Rose, my mum, was
standing there, staring into the dark where her daughter of the near future had
vanished, holding a boy’s hand.


“Rose! We’re leaving!” The Doctor snapped.


She turned and walked silently, barefoot, away towards the
distant lights of the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Maybe the girl had been right.

Maybe someday, something good would come of this night.

She touched her middle absently, knowing that tonight something
magical had happened.




The End

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