Into Hell

When Victoria, Jenny and I
returned to the trap, the little bugger had made off with our bait and turned
the cage into a twisted heap of scrap metal.


So much for that idea.


Victoriahad her hands pressed to her
temples, stomping angrily back and forth.


“None of this makes sense. Why
would they take their prey instead of eating it on the spot? What would they
have to gain? Are they bringing it back to feed the others? Why didn’t they do
that with the Prime Minister? And why –.”


I rested my hand on her shoulder.
She looked up at me through eyes that saw elsewhere.


Jenny shook her head and
chuckled, “Less thinking more doing, love.”


Victoriagave a little bark of panicked


I smiled reassuringly and
released her.


With a loud pop the lights went

Vicki let out a tinny scream on
reflex and gripped my arm.

The lights flickered but did not come completely on.


In another blinding flash of
dying lights I saw eyes watching us from the end of the corridor.

Vicki had seen them as well.


“Get Jenny,” She hissed.


I fumbled around with my free arm
until I felt her denim jacket. Jenny squealed when I pulled on it.


“Jenny…. Quit it!” I growled,
pulling her along with us as Vicki pulled me wherever she was going.


I winced as both girls’
fingernails dug into my flesh – Vi’s on my arms and Jenny’s anywhere she could.


“Stop! I can follow you without
you grabbing me!”


Vicki snorted, “I doubt that. Its
pitch black in here.”


Jenny pushed away from me.


“Vi! I lost her!”


Vicki skidded to a stop and I
almost slammed into her.




Victoria’s hair slapped me in the face.






Something was moving towards us.
I could hear the click-clack of claws cautiously coming closer.






The xenodemon (obviously that’s
what it was) halted. I could hear it breathing.


An all too familiar wet moist
muscle explored my free hand.


“Vi….” I moaned.


The thing shoved its face into

The tongue licked the side of my


Claws wrapped around my waist and
a tail swept my feet out from under me.


Vicki’s grip on my arm tightened,
both hands pulling.


The creature picked me up by the
waist so my limbs dangled down.

I grabbed onto Vi’s arm and held
on for my life.






My hands slipped and the
creature’s teeth closed into my flesh, digging in around my ribs, my spine…….




The darkness consumed me.

“This boy….he glows like the
stars…..hmmmmm……he carries the essence of a time traveler – like that meddling
Doctor-man who foiled my good friend the Racnoss’s plans…..but he is as human
as they come – perhaps a new companion for the Doctor-man? No….I smell a different
Time Lord….ahhhh….yesssssss…..a Time Lady….but
wait… No….she smells of humans too….a…. hybrid? How….intriguing…..”

My eyes felt heavy, like someone
had tied weights to my eyelids.


“And if this…boy…if he is
her….good friend…her….companion….yesssss….then his flesh shall be mine!”


My eyes sprang open.


I was lying on a warm stone
floor, my face pressed against it. Steam drifted in the air around me.

I sat up.

And faced a holy terror like
nothing neither you nor I have ever seen.


It was an xenodemon of epic
proportions. It had eyes – four of them - on its massive head.

Its body was large and fat; its
belly scraped the ground.

Six legs supported it and a tail
the size of a cedar swept loose stones left and right.

The steam was from a fire
underneath the stone floor. Flames licked the walls from the crack running all
the way round the room.

The steam also poured from this


“Hello boy. You’ve finally
decided to join the land of the conscious.”

The giant xenodemon was talking!
She….was female.

Xenodemons, small ones, scampered
around me, carrying in fresh kills – mostly rats but some…..

Well, near the pile of meat,
buzzing with flies, beneath the Xenodemon’s head…was a baby’s rattle coated in
dried blood…next to a dismembered child’s arm.


I felt sick.


“Well……you eat meat as well, no?
What is so different?” The Xenodemon chuckled.


I blinked. “We don’t eat people.”


The Xenodemon roared with
laughter, shaking dust from the ceiling.


“Do you really think that the
beings you call ‘animals’ can’t talk?
Or think? They have languages all their own that your kind will never

Now I felt really sick. Was this
grotesque creature suggesting that the cows and chickens, and gawd knows what
else that we eat, could think?

Could speak?



“Where am I?”


The Xenodemon spread her front
claws out in a gesture of welcome, “My home.”


No place like home was an

The heat, the stench – it was a
living hell swarming with demons.


“Kill him.”


My thoughts shattered as a hundred
xenodemons turned towards me.


“And leave no trace – you may
devour him.”


The first launched itself at me.


I closed my eyes and waited for
death to come.

It never did.


I opened one eye.


Victoriastood in front of me, gleaming like
the sun.


The xenodemons backed away.


“What are you waiting for,
fools?! Kill him! And the girl! Kill them both!!”


They turned their heads towards
one another as though they saw one another – perhaps they did, in their own


The secret was Victoria’s sonic which she held out in front
of her as she circled around me.


A massive claw swept down and
knocked it out of her hand.


The Xenodemon laughed. Her laugh
sounded a lot like a roar.


“Destroy them!!!”


An xenodemon lunged for Vicki,
biting into her arm. Another latched itself onto her leg.

She stumbled and fell.




Another leapt onto her back and
began to tear her trench coat to shreds, strips of flesh flying up, blood
spattering the creature’s face.


She cried out.

I closed my eyes as one ran
towards me.


And just before I closed them all
the way, a figure dropped from an opening in the ceiling and landed in front of


Thank God for Jenny.


She fired her massive gun into
the horde of xenodemons. Bullets sprayed them, throwing them across the room.


“NOOOOO!!!!” The Xenodemon


She shot the ones on Vicki. Vicki
staggered to her feet and snatched up her sonic screwdriver.           


An earsplitting sound filled the
room, emanating from the sonic.

Chunks of moon rock fell from above,
conking several poor xenodemons on their wide heads.


I laughed, picking up the chunks
and hurling them at our attackers.


One xenodemon fell, blood pooling from its ears. The sound had finally burst its eardrums whereas to us it was nothing more than annoying buzz.


The Xenodemon reared up, swinging
its massive head back. Victoria
stood trembling in the center of the cowering xenodemons, her eyes tightly

The massive beast let her head


“VICKI!” I screamed, throwing
myself in front of the creature’s head.


Everything went black as my limp
body smashed against the rock wall……







My teeth rattled as someone shook
my shoulders violently. My neck snapped to and fro until at last, I opened my
eyes to see Vicki wreathed in fire above me.

The place was falling down around
us, flames licking the walls, the very floor trembling from the strain.


Jenny had launched a grappling
hook into the hole far above on the ceiling.


“Come on slow pokes, all hells
broke loose!” She screamed as a large boulder smashed down just beside her,
pieces of gravel spraying into the air.


Hell? Was she kidding? This
godforsaken place was hell, let alone
broken loose.

The behemoth Xenodemon had
vanished along with her tiny minions – and the bodies of their fallen comrades.
I sickened at the thought of what they had surely done.


Vicki pulled me to my feet and we
ran to the grappling. I saw that it was Victoria’s
sonic, the tip firmly imbedded somewhere above us.

A thin silver wire was attached
to the rod of the sonic.


“That can’t possibly hold us!” I
yelled above the roar of the flames.


“Oh shut up and grab on.” Jenny
moaned. She had wrapped both hands around the sonic screwdriver.


Vicki and I grabbed onto her belt
from either side.


The wire pulled us up, slowly but



A small chunk of rock hit me square in the head. Dust sprayed from the collision. Vicki blew out, making raspberries as she attempted to get the dust off her face.


Larger and larger rocks tumbled past us.

Jenny’s belt made odd tearing noises. It couldn’t hold our
weight much longer. Her knuckles had turned white with effort, her thumb
jabbing the button on the sonic repeatedly.


“That’s not going to make it go any faster!” Vi called up.


“Oh shaddup you little monster.”


Vicki grinned slyly as Jenny’s head vanished into the
opening above us.

I glanced down as I too rose slowly into the opening.

Something with claws gripped my pant leg and the sonic
ground to a halt.


“What in gawd’s name is wrong this time?” Vicki moaned.


I looked up at Vick. She looked back at me.

The surviving xenodemons had scaled the wall and had hung
upside down, invisible, the dust from the falling debris cloaking them.

And now, one had a hold of my leg – hard.

Blood pooled in the top of my shoe.




Jenny’s belt began to tear.


“No!” Vicki gasped.


I let my hands slip.

let go of the belt with one hand and caught mine with the other.


The furious xenodemon had called some of its mates who bit
into my legs as well, some pulling me with their claws.


“I’m sorry.”




I let go.

The xenodemons that clung to me shrieked as I plummeted
through the flames, rocks and dust.

All while hearing her cry my name.

Her face above me.

Her hand reaching out toward me.

Tears streamed from her deep brown eyes.




I love you.


The End

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