I Am Victoria: Book 2

I decided to begin book two as a new 'chapter' in 'I Am Victoria'. My first 'book' was awfully short and the whole thing will flow much better this way....

And now, the prologue :D



I stared into the eyes of my own
mother – glowing, no doubt, but still, my mother’s.


“You. All this time – it was
you.” I croaked.


“No. I have merely assumed her
form – used her body as my own. And now, little Time Lady, you die.”


I staggered to my hands and
knees, blood pooling beneath my splayed fingers.


“No, you can’t!” I whimpered.


One year traveling and it all
ended like this.


I felt my strength slowly ebb
away as she dealt a blow with ethereal fire.

The last thing I heard was the
faint, ever growing stronger, sound of an ancient grinding, moaning engine……..



One Year Earlier….



The Doctor flicked a switch.

Electricity shot through the entire metal frame of the tall
silver box.

With a pop the lights went out in the TARDIS.

The Doctor swore a blue streak as he groped blindly for the TARDIS controls.

The engine hummed and the lights faded slowly back into


The metal box had become a twisted heap of smoking remains,
a spring bouncing lazily from the ash coated center.

An alarm blared dully as smoke drifted along the ceiling of
the control room.


The Doctor walked over to the pile, kicking the ashes with
his foot.

A puff of the gray stuff flew into the air, making him
sneeze violently.


“Back to the drawing board.” He muttered.


It had been his seven hundred and eighty second time he had
tried to make a machine which would transport him to Pete’s World – the
parallel universe where Rose was trapped.


He silenced the alarm and got out a broom from the supply
closet down the hall – found it next to a fez in fact. He swept the mess into
the far corner – he’d deal with it later….probably dump it into space or

He sank to the floor, his back leaning against the wall.


Her coat was lying on the yellow springy chair.


He reached for it.


The smell of her perfume still drifted from it.

How long had he been carrying this old thing around? Too

She’d forgotten it here in the TARDIS a long time ago.

He buried his nose in it and started to cry.


“I’m sorry Rose. I so sorry.”


The End

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