(From Victoria's perspective)

I could feel it. I recognized the
feeling from when it had risen inside me before and almost took me over. Later,
Seth told me that a dark liquid had pooled over the surface of my eyes, turning
them black as midnight, filled with shining stars.


Eyes filled with starlight, he


The Silence was rising inside me
– not to defeat the darkness but to replace it with something far more terrible
and darker.


I felt fire burning on my hands
and looked down to see them aflame with the same fire which had almost consumed
me in the abyss.


The Bad Wolf shoved the Doctor
away and turned to me.


“Ahh… the true Silence
finally reveals herself. To do battle with the Bad Wolf to save her precious
Doctor,” The Bad Wolf clucked her tongue, “How…. touching.” Her voice had turned dark. The same
voice which had spoke to me in my dreams.


“We are the Silence.”  I heard myself
say, “We will destroy the darkness
and replace it with the glaring white of nothingness. The soundlessness of
space. The Silence will conquer. We shall stand and you shall fall.”

The Bad Wolf laughed, “You really think you can destroy
me with mere soundlessness? I have lived for a billion years, since this
universe began, and you are only just learning how to walk. One shall stand and one shall fall. Which one is which is still to be determined.”

I was joining with the Silence.
We were one and the same and we spoke and thought with the same voice.


“I know the fate of the universe – you do as well. Both of us can see it. If we fight to the death today, you will die. And you know it.”


The Bad Wolf came at us until she
was nose to nose with us, “Nothing
is fixed you little imp! Time can twist in any shape and direction. It can
change like that,” She snapped her fingers. “Enough talk though, let us end this before the Doctor
thinks of some clever way to stop us.” She snarled.

Tonight you die.”

With a wolf-like howl of rage,
the Bad Wolf leapt forward, fire leaping from her nails so they resembled


We ducked out of the way so she
struck the air, hunched over.

We ripped into her prone side so
that gleaming light broke through the rips in her cloak.


The wolves all around us growled
and snarled.

Out of the corner of my eye, we
saw that the Doctor and Seth had escaped to a far corner of the ring, huddling
together, watching the battle with wide child-like eyes.

To us, the Bad Wolf and we, they
seemed small and insignificant – but the small shred of Victoria still left
inside us…..her heart went out to the human boy crouched against the last of
the Time Lords.

Together, a fire burned for him,
inside us.

We would fight, if not for
vengeance than for him.


The Bad Wolf straightened and
struck us against the side of our face, sending us sprawling against the
pavement. Blood dripped onto our splayed fingers. We pushed ourselves to our
feet and faced our attacker.


With a scream, we lunged towards
the Bad Wolf. She lunged also towards us.


We met in the middle, slashing at
each other till equal amounts of fabric, light, flesh and blood had been shed.


We stood facing one another,
breathing heavily.


The fire flickered on our hands.


“Very good….Silence….. I congratulate you. You’ve managed
to make me feel worse than I’ve felt since the Doctor about destroyed me when
he pulled me from Rose when I first manifested myself in her.”


“You have not felt the worst until you have felt the sting of death.”  We spat.


“Until we meet again, Time Lady,” The Bad Wolf
vanished abruptly in a swirl of light.


“NO!”  We screamed, lunging towards the place
where she had been standing a moment before….but to no avail. She was gone.

The Silence sank into the deepest
corners of my mind, gently whispering only as it always did instead of joining
with me as it had moments before.


I looked round to see the wolves
had become human again, staring at one another in shock, touching their faces
as though expecting to find themselves still a wolf.

The blue had left their eyes –
they had been cured. When the Bad Wolf left, so did the illness.


Seth ran to me. I turned and
collapsed into his arms.


“Never scare me like that again.”
He murmured into my ear.


I nodded into his shoulder. I
held onto him as though I were to let go I would become the Silence once more.




We broke away and I looked over
to the Doctor who was staring into the distance, seeing things only he could
see again.

He was leaning against a glass


“Who are you?” He focused finally
on me.


Should I tell him? The Bad Wolf
was still out there.

She would still possess the
Doctor through me.


“I can’t tell you. If I do…
will only make things worse. You’ll live in constant torture knowing that you
can never be with her….because of me.” I felt a tear slide down my face.


The Doctor frowned, “With…
can’t possibly……but….”


I shook my head, “I can’t say
anymore. All I can say is this,” I walked towards him, looking up at the man I
had tried so hard to find.


“Every rose has its thorn. Every
single one.”


And I was that thorn.




We walked slowly back through the daisy field with the
Doctor. We had all remained silent the entire time.


Seth reached out for my hand the moment we stepped into the
field and held it.


The people had all returned to normal, thanked us and
returned to their lives, rebuilding their shattered community.


We left immediately. It was still night.


Ahead of us now, in the midst of the daisies was a tall
wooden blue police box whose lights glowed sharply in the dark.


It illuminated everything around us, casting an eerie glow.


The Doctor waded through the daisies to the TARDIS door.


He turned back, halfway there, and looked back.


“Will….Will I ever see you again?” His eyes searched my face
as though trying to find an answer there.


“I should ask you the same thing, Doctor.” I uttered


He nodded, looking down at the ground, then back up. He was
looking at something beyond me.


I turned round.

A single rose was growing in the midst of the daisies, which
had been trampled around it as though someone had fallen. It was illuminated in
the light of the TARDIS.


“I’m sorry,” I turned back round, “I’m so sorry…..about


The Doctor’s eyes glistened. He nodded numbly.


“Thank you. For everything. There’s something about
you…..and….its given me….hope. Yes, hope. Haven’t felt that in a while,” He
laughed dryly, “And now, I hope we meet again,Victoria. You too Seth.”


“And you Doctor!” Seth called cheerfully.


The Doctor snapped his fingers and the TARDIS doors flew
open with a bang.


Light pooled onto the mossy ground, a whole other world only
glimpsed behind him.


“Goodbye! And I thank you! For loving her. Because if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here.” I told him, with a smile.

He looked at me strangely.


“Whatever you say,Victoria.”


He pulled the doors shut.


The TARDIS’s engines roared to life with a grinding noise.
It faded slowly away, leaving a square imprint on the ground where it had


The last thing to disappear, reminding me of the Cheshire
Cat’s smile, was the lantern on top which blinked on and off slowly before
vanishing entirely.


A sudden wind whipped my hair back.

The wind died as quickly as it had come.

Seth and I stood stock still in a state of shock.


“Right,” I said, breaking the silence, “Where shall we go
next then? Anywhere in the universe, anywhere and when at all – where to?”


Seth smiled, “I don’t care. As long as I’m with you.”


I took his hand and touched my watch.


I loved him.



…..End of Book One…..





The End

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