The Transformation

(As told in Seth's perspective)


I didn’t understand.

Victoriahad lied to him, her own father,
and hid like a frightened child when I knew that she was capable of so much

I had blown up on her, and felt
bad for doing so and I apologized.

She told me not to, that I was
right; she shouldn’t have let him walk away.


We followed the Doctor from a
distance, so he wouldn’t know it – we had to help whether he liked it or not.


“So, what exactly is the
Silence?” I asked.


She explained to me about the
black hole, the ship, and what had gone down that day. I shuddered. Something
was living inside my girlfriend and I
didn’t even have a clue.

I wondered for a split second if
the Silence was what I had seen burning inside her eyes the day she killed the

I didn’t have time to wonder.

We had reached the center of the
city where the people had come out of hiding before.


The three suns were peeking over
the horizon already – they most likely would not come out in the daylight if
they had not before.


The Doctor turned in a slow
circle to face us.


“I told you to stay where you
are.” He scolded, walking swiftly towards us.


“Doctor, you don’t have that good
of an impression with what you’re dealing with here and we do. The citizens of
this city don’t come out in the daylight. It would be easier for us to show you
what we’ve learned so far.” Victoria


I was taken aback by how easily
she took command of the situation.

The Doctor blinked.


“Ah. I see……”







The two words were typed plainly
on the computer screen. I hadn’t noticed them before. Why had they made Victoria so upset


The Doctor peered at the screen,
tapping it experimentally. The gel screen rippled with multi-colors.


“Strange.” He muttered.


Bill Newman’s body was still
leaning back in the chair, blank eyes staring upward.

No one had bothered to get rid of
the body.

It was beginning to smell rather
rank in the tiny little room.


“What, strange that it’s a gel
screen? - that you’re gonna ruin by the way -,” I began.


The Doctor turned his head to
glare at me.


“Sorry.” I muttered.


The Doctor returned to the


“Bad Wolf appears to be some kind
of overwrite code. Overwriting to what…..I can’t be certain. I’d have to see what
it’s done to the people first.”


Victoria and I exchanged looks. We
had no clue where the people all went when the suns rose.


The Doctor straightened up and
turned to the hologram. His eyes widened.


“What?” He barked suddenly,
making me and Victoria


“What is it?”Victoriaasked.


His eyes were scanning the DNA
strand, poring over ever detail.


“This DNA – it’s designed to fit
perfectly into the biological code of –.” He broke off with a gasp.


“Of what?! What?!” I asked,
gripping the back of Newman’s chair.


“Of a human.”



In the darkness of the sewer system, the people of the city,
which was known as Metropolis, noticed something was happening to their


Joseph Waters lifted his head to hear the screams of
terrified humans – joined by other unearthly screams.


He pushed his way through the tightly packed horde of humans
who stood round him in a daze like startled cattle. All eyes were on one who
writhed on the ground.


Joseph pushed his way through the last line of confused
citizens and became nauseous from the sight before him.


One of their own, a small boy, was writhing as though in a
seizure on the putrid ground. His skin was turning the same color as his eyes,
blue liquid oozed from his nose and mouth like he was drowning.

His bones creaked and cracked as they stretched inside his

His skin drew taut over areas that shouldn’t be so.

His clothes split and ripped as his muscles bulged.

His face stretched outwards into the horrible image of……

A wolf.




The Doctor pelted full out through Metropolis running
through the alleys and streets, screaming at the top of his lungs,


“I don’t care what the BLOODY ‘ELL it does to you… COME.
OUT. …..NOW! You are all in danger!”


His voice cracked as he skidded to a stop in the center of
the city once more.


I ran behind Victoria who was hurrying to catch up with him.


“Doctor!” She panted, “Give it up. They’re not here.” She
leaned heavily against me as I drew up beside her.


The Doctor’s eyes darted around the open circle in the middle
of the city. Victoria
later said that it reminded her of the plaza on Naiagra.


“I have to find them….they’re all in danger. According to
the information on the computer, the DNA will activate at midnight tonight. And
then it begins.” He said, dangerously quiet.


“Then what begins?” I asked, like the fool that I am.


The Doctor turned to face us.


“The Transformation.”




We searched every inch of Metropolis, which we learned it
was called after seeing several landmarks with the name and such.


The Doctor was in a panic now, running his hands through his
hair so it stood up strangely in the front.

He had tugged on his bowtie so hard it had come unraveled,
the ends flying about wildly.


The suns were already sinking
beyond the city, setting the buildings ablaze with their star fire.

The Doctor stopped and looked at
the opposite horizon, just as the first of the seven moons rose slowly into
view amongst a star dappled sky.


“We’re too late.” He murmured.


A howl shattered the silence.


It was long and eerie. The sound
of a wolf on the hunt.


They came.


Swarms of them, blue and shining
in the full seven moons.

They poured around the buildings
like a river, eyes glittering with malice and rage.


I saw the tattered remains of
clothing hanging of their thin haunches. These things had been human, not too
long ago.


I could easily identify that some
were female – they were still mostly human – thank God their clothing scraps
covered their genitals or I most likely would have thrown up what was left of
the last meal I had eaten.


Blue saliva dripped onto the
pavement from their sharp fangs.

We were surrounded, a thousand blue wolves herding us to the center of the city
square – err, circle.


“Don’t show fear.” The Doctor
hissed, withdrawing a bronze and green sonic screwdriver from his pocket.


They began to snarl and growl as
they got closer, closing in around us.




We all whirled round as one.


A woman made her way through the
pack of wolves. They parted in her wake like water.

She wore a white cloak and hood,
blonde hair falling onto her shoulders.

Her eyes glowed in the darkness
of the hood like fire.


“Hello, Doctor.” She said
pleasantly, as though greeting an old friend.


“You!” Victoriascreeched in absolute shock and


“Hello Victoria, my dear. You are
having very good luck on your hunt for the Doctor I see.” She smiled.


“Who are you?” The Doctor asked
curiously, not a single ounce of fear in his eyes.


“Through Victoriahere I have manifested myself in
human form. You knew me as the Bad Wolf.”


“NO!” Victoriacried, close to tears. She stumbled
backwards into me and I held her close, protectively.




“You tricked me!” Victoriascreamed, “You
played me like a fool!” She struggled against my grip to get at her but I held
her back. I couldn’t let her get hurt again.


“Indeed……for a very good cause,
though. You see, I needed to get back to this world to offer the Doctor
something very, very precious to him.”


The Doctor stared her down, “What
are you talking about?”


The Bad Wolf smiled mischievously,
“Rose Tyler.”


The Doctor drew in his breath


“That’s right, I’m offering you
the chance to get back your precious Rose,” The Bad Wolf taunted sarcastically.
She walked around the Doctor in slow circles, “All you have to do is let me
possess you,” Victoria
struggled harder and I finally let her go, “NO! Don’t do it!”


The Bad Wolf stared at us from
the far corner of her gleaming eye, “And let me takeVictoria’s essence.”


The Doctor was fighting with his
conscious; I could see it in his eyes.

Victoriawas halfway between the Doctor and
the Bad Wolf and me.


“You can’t.” She choked.


The Doctor looked up to her.


“Why did you lie and tell me
you’re name was Scarlett?”


Victoriablinked. She obviously hadn’t
prepared for that one.


“I can’t tell you.”


The Bad Wolf turned her head
towards her, cocking it questioningly, “Why not, little Time Lady? Why not? Go
on; tell the Doctor who you really are. Tell him about your mother’s little
white lie. Tell him about your life. Alone.”


Victoriaclenched her fists and stared the
Bad Wolf down.


Something was wrong.





The End

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