Oops, forgot about this! The Doctor is now the Eleventh Doctor, in contrast to the prologue and all other previous chapters.....

This was also written before Series 6 and the reveal of who the Silence really were....


We slept in an abandon glass building, a hotel. It had been
stripped of almost everything within it except for a solitary room in the back.
The door had been locked but that was simple – one touch of the sonic and in we

It was futuristic and stylish. Silver bed sheets covered an
anti-gravity mattress. A giant blue lava lamp bubbled quietly in the corner;
the large glass tube stretched from floor to ceiling.

A simple but functional bathroom was in through a door on
the back wall – the walls solid and not glass, thank God.

A small metal lamp flickered dimly on the stainless steel
bedside table.


“There’s only one bed.” Seth commented.


I took off my trench coat and laid it on the floor.


“No way, I’ll take the floor!” He said, half laughing.


“Don’t be silly, I don’t need sleep anyway.” I said lightly.


“But – wait, hang on – did you say you didn’t need sleep?”


“Mmmhmmm.” I mumbled, peering into the blue lava lamp
suspiciously. Anything blue scared me on this godforsaken planet.


“You will never cease to amaze me.”


I looked over my shoulder mischievously.


“Seriously though, you take the bed.”

I contemplated the thought. Hard floor….up all night…..anti-gravity
bed…….sweet dreams – Seth groaning in the morning.


“Why don’t we both?” I asked.


His eyes looked like they were going to pop out of his head.

“Are you out of your mind?! Do you think I’d –.”

“We’re not going to do anything you idiot! Good gawd, keep your shirt on –
literally too. I’m going to go brush my teeth.” I muttered, clenching my fists
and walking into the bathroom.


“With what?” Seth called after me – but the bathroom door
had already slammed shut.



Later, we lay side by side uncomfortably close on the
luxurious mattress.

“I’m not tired.” Seth sighed.

I nodded, shifting on the bed. I’d taken off my coat and shoes.

Seth had done the same – he’d wanted to sleep in his boxers but I’d told him
I’d beat him with a stick and sonic his eardrums to death if he did.

He changed his mind after that.


“Hard to sleep with stuff on your mind, hmm?” I asked,
rolling over to face him.


He propped himself up on his elbow, “That’s for sure.”


I smiled, snuggling into the covers. For once I was tired, never mind Seth.

It had been awhile since I’d been in a real bed.

Luck had turned in our favor when we found that hotel.

“So what’s your life like, back where you come from?” Seth


I chewed my cheek thoughtfully before speaking, “Normal, I suppose. If
zeppelins flying in the air in modern day London
are normal, that is.”


His eyes widened, “You weren’t kidding then. It really is
another universe!”


I smiled, “You bet.”


We lay looking at each other for a hearts’ beats in silence.


“We had a cabin down by the bay.BadWolfBay, it was called.” I murmured.


Seth settled down to listen.


“We’d vacation there in the summer.

Mum would get up every morning to go down to the beach and
walk where she had walked when he had been there - The Doctor.

She’d reach the point where the two universes had once
collided and she would feel the air there.

She says, she can feel a difference in the atmosphere
there….almost like the other universe left something behind for her to remember
him by.

I can’t feel anything, of course. If I were originally from
this universe, I would, because I would be drawn back to the universe I belong

All things from their own universes attract one another.
Those from different universes repel.

It’s a law of nature that Torchwood discovered whilst
playing around with technology designed to cross universes.

Mum would tell that same old story over and over again on
those long summer nights. She began it the same way, every time.

‘This is the story of how I died…..’ She’s legally dead in
this universe.

Tombstoneand all, I

She disappeared during a slaughter by an alien race called
the Daleks.

Everyone assumed she and her mum, my grandmum, had died.

They’d been saved by my granddad who was from the other

In this one, granddad died a long time ago. It was a dream
come true for grandmum. Mum wanted them all happy. Mickey went too. He was her

He wanted to join Torchwood and pick up where his double had
left off – he had died in battle with the Daleks.

No matter how many times I hear that story, I will never
understand why the Doctor didn’t just stay with my mum.

Why did he leave with Donna, his current companion, in the

It doesn’t make any sense.” I added, now whispering.


Seth had long since fallen asleep and I was now talking to
myself, wondering, hoping.


Why had he? And why had mum lied and said that grandmum was
pregnant, not herself? Why did she hide it?

Why, why, why……..

I understand why the Doctor left.

He had his own universe to tend to, to protect, and to

Abandoning it would be leaving it to die…..time would ravage
it and a paradox would eventually cause ultimate chaos.

Without the Doctor, we wouldn’t even be here. He had to
choose my mum, or the universe.

He had chosen the greater of the two.

No matter how strong his love was for Rose, my mum, he had
to keep his duty as Lord of Time.

Perhaps he’d thought that mum wouldn’t want to leave with

It was a one way ticket back to the Doctor’s universe and
mum might not have wanted to leave her family permanently.

She never talks about that part and I don’t press her.


I took one last look at the sleeping form of Seth,

I kissed his forehead gently, as not to wake him.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep to the sound of his single
heart beating a steady rhythm through the darkening night.





The Doctor stepped from the TARDIS. He was in a field of
blue daisies.

He did not smile this time, nor did he bounce joyously from
the TARDIS with the Ponds in tow.
Amy had become pregnant and she and Rory had left the company of the Doctor, shortly after Christmas on an alien planet where fish flew through the air.

He was alone as he had been before.


He breathed in the heavily perfumed air and set out through
the daisies, pushing his way through. It was night and the stars glittered over
a glass city in the distance, about a mile’s walk away.

The Doctor, lost in thought, tripped over a rock and fell
headlong into the moss.


Before him, in the midst of the blue, was a single rose.


‘How long are you
going to stay with me?’


He cupped his hands around the blood red blossom, tears
welling in his eyes.


‘Rose Tyler……’


He buried his nose into it, breathing in its scent.


‘If it’s the last
chance I’ll ever have to say it…..’


He closed his eyes, trying desperately to block the memories
which flooded into his mind’s eye.


‘I love you.’

In the light of the seven moons, the Doctor lifted his head
and wailed at the stars, “Noooooo!” It was a strangled cry.


Tears streamed down his face, he sucked in air like a
drowning man. He was drowning.
Drowning in the tears he had cried these past thirteen years.

All through those painful years he had found tokens to
remind him of the past. It was the Bad Wolf’s doing, he knew, but it still

He looked down at the rose, dotted with his own tears like


“I’m sorry.” He said through a now stuffy nose.

Sniffling, he took his hands from the flower.

It sprang back into shape, shaking off the drops as it did


Standing, he saw that he had soiled the knees of his pants.
His face was red, his vision blurry.


He had watched his own planet burn in the fires of time

Seen his family, wife and children, scream in agonizing


But somehow, this hurt worse than the death of Gallifrey.


It hurt worse than hearing his family die.

Because now, after all that grief and darkness, Rose had
been his first light since then. She was a star, burning through his darkest


“You’re the only one that I want,” The Doctor sang softly,
“Got me addicted to your light….”


He smiled faintly. He blew his nose on his handkerchief and
plunged through the daisies, singing at the top of his lungs, terribly off-key,
the remainder of ‘Halo’.






My eyes snapped open. Someone was singing Beyonce’s ‘Halo’
in an almost painful key.


I sat up.


Seth was out cold, dead to the world.


“Oi! Wake up sleeping beauty! Somebody’s singing and it
definitely isn’t the fat lady.”


“Huh? Wah?” He opened his eyes groggily.


“I said, somebody’s singing!” I said, exasperatingly
pronouncing each individual syllable.


He sat up straight.

Had I paid attention, I would have realized we had been
embracing in our sleep – but that was far from my mind at the time.


We listened.




Seth and I exchanged glances.




“I’m officially freaked out.” Seth whispered shakily.


I faked a smile, “It’s probably just one of the town’s
people – drunk maybe….or close to death. Come on.”


I slid off the bed and slipped into my shoes and coat.


“Go out there, are you an absolute lunatic?” He asked


“Yes, now put your shoes on,” I held up my sonic, it’s
bright light illuminating my face eerily from beneath, “We’re going loony


Five minutes later we stepped into the moon-bathed street.


The source of the strained singing appeared to be a
newcomer. A man with a suit and bowtie was stumbling into the city and appeared
to be laughing and smiling.


“That’s the best run I’ve had in a while! Oh, hello, who are
you?” He asked, panting.


He stood in front of us now, his hands on his knees.

Why did he look so familiar?

I used my old stand-by to answer his question. A


“Scarlett Rhodon.” Another name for red and the Greek name
for rose. The perfect covert name.


He stared at me steadily. He blinked.


“Are you all right?” I asked cautiously.


He nodded then shook his head vigorously.


“Yes, I’m sorry. You remind me of someone that I used to
know.” He said ponderously.


I raised one eyebrow. Who could I possibly remind someone of
in this universe?


“I’m Seth Danerman.” Seth said suddenly, breaking the


“Right, pleasure to meet you! I’m the Doctor by the way,
just the Doctor.”


My mouth fell open. Seth’s eyes got big.


The Doctor looked from one astonished face to the next.


“Ummmm……you’ve heard of me, perhaps?” He seemed quite


I snapped my jaw shut. I had to play my cards right for this


“No….I….uh….I mean, yes…..I’ve heard…..things. Something
about time and a blue box and….I don’t know. That’s about it.” I lied.


I stashed my sonic in my pocket while I was at it so it
wouldn’t raise suspicions.

Turns out, it already had.


“Now then, you good people wouldn’t happen to have some sort
of device that transmits sonic waves would you?”

I bit my lip. “Not that I am aware of Mr. Doctor.” I played
dumb. That was my best call.


“It’s just the Doctor.”

Seth seemed to have finally caught on.


“What kind of name is that?” He scoffed, catching my eye and
winking quickly.


“Mine. Got a problem with that?” The Doctor snapped.


Seth and I took a couple steps back.


He saw our surprised faces and smiled gently.

I almost gasped.

I recognized him now.

He was one of the two men I saw in the abyss. The one with
the odd smile and pale green eyes.

Now I knew for certain that this was the Doctor.

But should I drop the act? Should I just come right out and
tell him? What would his reaction be? What the bloody ‘ell do I do?!


“Sorry. Didn’t mean to frighten you by yelling so….I just
had a bit of a bad day.” He apologized, tugging his bowtie absently.


I nodded, equally absent. My mind
was elsewhere, searching for an answer to the problem I faced.

It came to me, suddenly. The
perfect way to tell the Doctor the circumstances which had befell this planet
without giving away who I really was.


“Doctor?” I looked up at him.


He smiled, “Yes?”


I, however, did not. “I am the


Six months ago I was on a ship
headed for a black hole.

The black hole was alive, an
entity that wished to destroy the universe.

It needed me to achieve its goals
and manifest itself into physical form.

The daughter of the Bad Wolf and
the Doctor was a much too precious prize to pass up.

It won.

The ship was destroyed, killing
all but me.

I fought with it, inside my mind,
and I won.

 I now have complete control over the entity
living inside me which named itself, the Silence.

When I was on the ship, the
entity had wired itself into the ship’s matrix, accidentally broadcasting its
thoughts through the rescue beacon. Three words. Just three.



A harsh grating voice boomed into
the darkness of space and most likely reached the Doctor’s ears.

It had been no accident, I later
found out, when it connected with the matrix.

It wanted to warn the Doctor to
stay away – a being far worse than the Bad Wolf was about to come to
power…..but it never did.

I defeated it and claimed its
powers as my own.

Silence would not fall. It would
rise in me and destroy the darkness.


The Doctor now stared at me


“You?” He said softly.


I nodded, “Yes, me.”


We stood staring each other down.
I gasped. I could feel his very soul brushing against mine. His thoughts
mingling at the corners of mine.


“Oh my gawd,” I gasped, clutching
the sides of my head, “What is that?!”


The Doctor didn’t break his gaze,
“A telepathic field. All Time Lords have the ability to connect to another Time
Lord to a certain small degree. Which leads me to ask…..what in gawd’s name are
you?” He murmured.


The intense feeling listlessly
passed and I lowered my hands.


“I can’t tell you. All will make
sense in time.” I said quietly.


Seth had been watching the
exchange with wide curious blue eyes.


“These people, on this planet,
they need help. A plague has spread through them and I have reason to believe
that the Bad Wolf is responsible. This is far too big for me to handle. These
people, they need the Doctor more than ever. They are dying. They need you.” I
was almost begging now. The Doctor was staring off into the distance, seeing
things that only he could see.


“Alright. I’ll see what I can do.
Stay here and stay safe.” He told us, striding into the heart of the city,
hands in his pockets, whistling the tune of ‘Halo’.


When he was gone, Seth exploded.


“HOW could you just let him WALK
AWAY!?” He screamed.


I closed my eyes. How could I?
Because I was afraid.

I knew now why my mother had lied
that day.

The power that emanated from the
Doctor was like nothing I had ever encountered.

He was so….frightening….and
wonderful….all at once.

Out of fear I had hidden. Out of
fear….I had lost.




The End

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