Falling for the Time Lady

Hello again! Just a quick note, this chapter is told from Seth Danerman's perspective, not Victoria's. I'll give you a heads-up when the persepective changes again ;) Happy reading!


It was stupid, I know. I should have never even glanced at

Some say she came from some small town in the middle of the

Others say she’s really a rich American in disguise.

At the time, I wasn’t sure what to believe. All I knew is
that she was beautiful, sweet, kind and filled with something alluring and

She smelled of wildflowers and honey.

Students of Trickle High would scramble away from her
parting in such a way as was akin to Moses the parting the waters due to the
fact that our school colors were blue and white.

Had I known that this girl, whose soul was filled with
starlight, was cursed for all eternity, as her father was before her, perhaps I
would have run and not looked back. No……In my heart I know I would have run for
her no matter what the cost.

My name is Seth Danerman.

Our family’s last name comes from when my
great-great-grandfather raised Great Danes.

This earned me my school nickname.



“Oi, Dog-boy!”


I halted. I had been walking down the hallway, pretending to
go to the bathroom before seventh period just to catch a whiff of that
wildflower and honey scent.


“What is it Darren?” I growled.


Darren McGuire was the worst school bully ever. Or so I


“We still on for tonight?”


He wanted Victoria.
Well, he wasn’t going to have her.

We planned to fight on the school grounds at midnight

goes to the winner….and the loser? I shudder at the thought.


saw me from her locker. I turned from her and faced Darren.


“Course we are. A deal’s a deal.”


Darren mocked a pouting face.

“Aww…..are you sure you don’t want to back out now before
somebody gets hurt?”

I clenched my fists.

“You want to go now, McGuire?”


Panic flashed across his chubby face.


For a large boy he wasn’t very brave – but when his cronies
egged him on, as they surely would tonight, he could really pack a wallop.


“You better be at the school yard at midnight, blondie.” I
snarled, brushing roughly past him.


He grabbed my arm.


“Don’t call me that. I’m no softy.”


I wrenched my arm from his grasp and trudged down the hall
to my next class…..err, I mean the bathroom…sort of.


Ahh….Wildflowers and honey. I was passingVictoria’s locker.


“What were you talking to Darren about?”


I froze.


She talked to me!

Little sparks of electricity danced in my brain.


“Uhh…nothing.” I muttered, pushing through the growing


My face felt hot and sticky like it was made of wax.

I wasn’t crying.

I was sweating.




a large group of rough Goth boys, egged him on, as I had suspected they would.


We were circling each other in the middle of the school


“The girl’s mine, dog-boy, so give up while you have a


The moon was full, casting eerie light upon us.




I lunged for his neck, my arms outstretched.




The cheering ceased. Everything grew still. I spun round to
see Victoria
standing there. Her red hair was like a flame in the darkening night.

She wore her usual odd garb – a tight form fitting black
tee, charcoal grey cargo pants and a long black trench coat.


The silence was deafening.


“What are you two doing?” She asked, folding her arms.


Darren and I looked at each other.

We didn’t dare tell her.


“Dog-boy and Darren are fighting over you!” One idiot called
from Darren’s cronies.


A moan rose from the pack.


“Idiots!” Darren barked at them. They shrank back as one
into the shadows.

The one who had spoken was quietly humming ‘Can you feel the
love tonight’ from the Lion King.


“Me?” Her dark brown eyes widened into liquid pools of


A crash of glass from inside the school broke the awkward

withdrew a slender pink torch from inside her trench coat and crept towards the
school building.

“Victoria! It
could be dangerous!” I called after her.


She raised one hand for silence and continued towards the


“I didn’t come here to watch you two ninnies fight,” She


The bile rose in my throat as a dark shadow moved just
beyond the glass double doors leading into the school.

I couldn’t just stand there.

I ran after her.

That was the night that everything changed.

Nothing would ever be the same.




The halls were dark and eerie. I found myself jumping at every
little sound.




A shadow moved just ahead of me.


I swallowed nervously and continued down the hall at a much
slower pace.

A locker door slammed shut and I jumped a foot in the air,
whirling round.

There was no one there.

I felt hot breath on the back of my neck.


“Don’t. Move.”


It was Victoria.
She had come round the corner ahead of me.


“Oh my gawd, what is it?” I gasped. Something wet and soft
explored the hair on the back of my neck.


“Just, don’t move. It’s blind.”


I shivered as the warm wet thing dipped into the collar of
my shirt.

I heard the whatever-it-was sniff loudly and begin to growl.


“Seth, walk towards me very slowly.”


I took a shaky step forward. The growling grew louder.


“Come on, keep going.”


I locked my eyes with Victoria’s.
They were illuminated by the light of her torch which was bright pink.

She smiled.


“Don’t look back.”


She had to go and say that.

I cautiously stole a glance over my shoulder and, with horror, stumbled


It was the height of a grown man.

Its body was roughly lizard-like except for its gray fleshy

It had three talons to a foot with a long talon on the back.
Similar to its feet, it had three claws per hand which opened and shut

A bright red tongue flickered out from between razor sharp
teeth within its strangely oblong head. Its nostrils were thin slits on the
curve of its snout.

Like Victoria
had said, it had no eyes. No ears either.


With a roar to shatter the heavens it lunged forward for
both of us, slamming Victoria
against the lockers.




“Go Seth! Run, while you still have the chance!”


Its claws were burying into her shoulders, thin trails of
crimson blood running down where they pierced her.


“I’m not leaving you!”


I felt my eyes welling up as I watched the creature explore
her face with its probing tongue.


“For gawd’s sake! You don’t have to die! RUN!” She screamed
and thrashed against the being.


A sudden surge of adrenalin coursed through my veins. I
grabbed the thing’s head with both hands and wrenched backwards.


It screamed and released Victoria who slid to the floor. I
wrapped my legs around its thin body and held on for dear life as it bucked
like a bronco.


I heard Victoria
sobbing. From watching me ride the thing or from the pain I have no idea.


The creature reared up, almost flipping over backwards, and
I fell to the floor with a loud thud.


It spun around and reached for me with its jaws wide open. I
rolled out of the way. It slammed its broad head into the lockers, momentarily


I ran to Victoria.
There was no time to think. I scooped her up, cradling her in my arms, and ran
blindly in the darkness.

Her torch slid from her hand.


“Seth…..my….sonic….” Her eyes were shut. She was losing
blood – the creature had done more damage than I thought. It had torn downwards
through her flesh, angling down towards the base of her neck.

I assumed ‘sonic’ meant the torch.


I bent down awkwardly, picked it up, and jammed the butt of
it into my teeth.

The pink light illuminated the hall.


A loud roar alerted me that the creature was fully
functioning and on its way.

I ran.


I could hear the floor tiles crunching behind me as the
thing gathered up speed.




I spun round to see Darren standing there, about to hurl a
rock at the creature.

Bulls-eye. Right on the back of the noggin.

The thing turned its head and looked over its shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m talking to you, ugly!”


It advanced on Darren.


“Thank you.” I said quietly.


“Don’t mention it. Now get the ‘ell out of here!”


I ducked my head protectively over Victoria, running for the western exit which
was just ahead.

In seconds we were out in the cool moonlight behind the


“Don’t worry Victoria;
I’ll get you to a hospital.” I told her.


She began to writhe in my arms.


“No…no…no.” She managed to get out in her feverish state.

“No what, sweetheart?”


Her chocolate brown eyes opened wide, staring up into my own
sky blue ones.


“Don’t take me to a hospital. They’ll……,” Her eyes rolled in
the back of her head. She relaxed into my arms, her head rested heavily against
my chest, “Dissect….me.” She murmured.


I stared at her in confusion.

But I had to trust her.

What I had seen that night was not of this Earth – And
Victoria was somehow part of it.

If she said not to take her to a hospital, I wouldn’t.


That left only one other option.




It was almost two o’ clock by the time I reached my house. I
was weary from carrying Victoria
the entire way back.


I trudged up the front steps.


The lights were on.

My parents knew that I was gone.

I’d left a note. I’m not a bad kid, but I’m not exactly a
little angel either.

I’m not totally unfeeling.

I’d said, in the note, that I’d be out and I’d be back
before morning.

I thought they wouldn’t even know I was gone and I’d just
throw the note out when I got back. I’d thought wrong.


With some difficulty, I got the door open and carriedVictoriainside.


I walked down the entryway and into the living room. My mum
was sitting on the loveseat in her slippers and robe. She bolted upright as
soon as she saw me.


“Seth? What on Earth……..” She trailed off when she caught
sight ofVictoria.


I laid her down on the couch opposite the loveseat.


“Seth, who is that? Where have you been? Do you have any
idea what time it is?”


I smoothed Victoria’s
hair away from her sweat coated forehead.


“Are you listening to me? Oh my gawd…”


Mum covered her mouth with her hand. She’d seen the claw
marks onVictoria.


“Mum,” I turned to her, “She’s hurt. But we can’t take her
to the hospital. You have to trust me.”


Mum’s eyes darted fromVictoria’s prone from to me and back again.


moaned gently, “Cold….so cold…..”


I took the throw off the back of the couch and draped it
over her. She had balled her fists against her chest but now she unclenched
them to grasp the blanket close to her.

I caressed her face until she stopped shivering.

Bending down, I kissed her forehead.


When I looked back to Mum, she was crying.


“I’ll…..” She stammered, “I’ll get the medical kit.”

She hurried out of the room, leaving me alone withVictoria.


A door opened down the hall.


“What the bloody ‘ell is going on at this hour?” It was Dad
who had stumbled out of my parent’s bedroom in nothing but his underwear.


I stifled a chuckle and returned to attending toVictoria.


Dad caught sight of me and stormed down the hall.


“Do you know what time it is?!”


I shushed him gently and continued soothing Victoria who
seemed to be having a nightmare.

Her eyes flickered beneath her eyelids and her breath was

Who wouldn’t have nightmares after seeing what we had seen?


Dad grew silent. “Oh. I see……,” he murmured.


All I could hear was the ticking of the clock on the mantle. 


“She some girlfriend you never told us about?”


I shook my head, “No. Just a girl from school.”


It was only half a lie.

We were not boyfriend/girlfriend but there was a connection
between us that had grown stronger and stronger until it overflowed into a
quiet friendship.


“Looks like a dog got to her.” Dad said softly.


“It sure as ‘ell wasn’t a dog.” I muttered angrily.


Dad’s eyes grew wide, “Don’t tell me a person did this to
her.” He said, shaking his head.


Mum came into the room. She stopped dead when she saw Dad in
his underwear.


“For heaven’s sake! Get dressed before you scare the living
daylights out of the poor girl when she wakes up!”


Dad blushed a bright red and shuffled towards the bedroom.


Mum shook her head and set the medical kit down on the
coffee table.


“Let’s see, antibiotic pills, leftover from when I had that
infection in my arm when the neighbor’s dog bit me, painkillers, bandages – the
large kind – and a stethoscope. Oh and a thermometer.”


I nodded and rose to get a glass of water to help her
swallow the pills. Mum laid a hand on my shoulder.

“Sit back down and stay with her, I’ll get whatever you
need.” Her eyes were kind and soft.


“Glass of water.” I mumbled.


How could Victoria
possibly be involved in anything that had happened tonight? None of it made


Her nightmare had ceased and now she breathed quietly and

Since I had no clue as to what the creature was capable of,
I decided to cover all my bases.

I took the thermometer out and gently put it into her mouth.

Well, that was normal.

I put the stethoscope in my ears and listened to her

It sounded strange…….like there was another heart beating,
but more muffled.

I frowned and moved the stethoscope towards the other


I gasped in shock as I realized the truth.


“Two hearts. How…..” My mouth opened and closed like a
drowning fish, “Two hearts!”


Mum came shuffling back from the kitchen with a glass of

I poured out two of the pills and tilted Victoria’s head back. I put the pills in her
mouth and poured in a little bit of the water.

She coughed at first but eventually swallowed it.


I picked up the white gauzy bandages.


“Seth dear?”


I looked at Mum.


“I’ll do that, love. No need to see anything you shouldn’t.”
She smiled warmly.


I nodded and walked slowly to my bedroom.


I thought back to the days when everything had been perfect.
Bittersweet, but perfect. Laughing together at lunch.

Helping each other with homework.

Racing down the hall to make it to class.

Those tender moments when we had almost kissed and she would
pull away, running away from me down the hall.


As I lay on my bed, I realized she had been trying to
protect me from the horrifying truth. Why she really became a student at
Trickle High.


My mum knocked on my door.


“Sweetie? Think you can carry her to the guest room?”


I sprang up, quick as a shot and tore into the living room,
eager to see her after thinking so vividly of her.


She was the same as I had left her, granted she was thicker
up top from mum’s wrapping job – but there was no change to her comatose form.


I picked her up as I had before, one arm beneath her knees,
the other cradling her head and back.


The guest room was upstairs at the far end of the house. It
had simple beige walls and grey flowered décor.


I laid her down on the bed, which had the sheets pulled back.
I took off her trench coat, dropped it on the floor, and pulled the covers up
to her chin – I had taken off her shoes as well.

She sighed loudly and sank into the mattress, a pleasant
smile dancing across her lips.

I smiled faintly.

I made sure I had done all I needed to, turned out the light
and shut the door, leaving her in peace to sleep off the damage done.

The End

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