Welcome to the world

Warm sunlight struck my face.

The ground beneath me was cold compared to the shaft of sun.

The odd part was that my eyes were closed.

I knew it was sunlight by the way it felt, nothing more.


I opened my eyes.


I was lying flat on my back in a domed building, the dome
made of stained glass in many different colors.

I coughed and rolled over, golden smoke drifting from
between my parted lips.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed the marble floor had a
design painted on it.

It was the same symbol on the silver wrist watch – which was
now strapped around my wrist.

I found myself pushing myself to my feet, hands braced
against the cool floor.


“We have been waiting for a day like this for many years.”


My head whipped around.

A woman walked into the room through wide open wooden double doors.

She was dressed in white robes like the woman in my dream –
but this was not the same woman.

She had long blood-red hair and bright green eyes; skin dark
as rich earth.


I stood my ground and stared her down. I saw her as a threat
and tensed with every breath she took.


“I am not your enemy, Victoria….Any
more than the Doctor is your enemy.”


I felt my muscles unwind and relax at his name.

I gazed at the woman suspiciously.


“What is this place?” I asked, my eyes darting around the
room, warily.


She smiled, “This is the templeof Rassilon,
the first Time Lord. His symbol is upon this floor.”


I glanced at the floor automatically.


“What brings you to this universe, child?” Her eyes sparkled
– she already knew! So why did she ask?


“I don’tthink so;
you first lady,” I countered, “Who are you and how did you know my name…..and
the Doctor’s name?!”


The woman’s smile faded, “I am a Sister of Fate,” She told
me in a clipped voice, “We are nameless until we die. I knew you would come
because in your future, you come here in the past.”


I blinked. Time travel – gives you a heck of headache.


She turned from me and walked swiftly away.


“Oi!” I dashed after her and out the wooden double doors she
had entered.


I was temporarily blinded. I had stepped outside the room,
which turned out to be a building.

It was plain, simple, and with little adornment on the
outside; a cement dome with the stained glass top perched on like an
extravagant hat.

A walkway led up to the temple which was on a hill.


The Sister was a little ways down the path, holding her
robes up as not to get it soiled.

By this I saw that her feet were bare.


“HEY!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

The sister turned sharply around, her green eyes piercing.




A chill went up my spine as she said my name – how could she
possibly know me?


“What now? You’re supposed to instruct me or something,


Her eyes glimmered and a faint smile appeared on her face,
“Or something.”


I was getting bloody frustrated with this woman.


“Look, just tell me what I need to do.” I said, exasperated.


She tilted her head to one side, “Very well. Come.”


She continued down the path and I followed.

As my numbed senses slowly returned from the event in the
abyss, I began to notice my attire – and the strange world around me.

My night gown had been replaced with a tight, form-fitting
black t-shirt, dark gray cargo pants and a silver buckle-belt.

Over all this I wore an ebony trench coat with elaborate
buttons in red down one side. It swept the ground with its extraordinary

The strange planet I found myself on turned much more slowly
beneath my feet. The sky was a pale green and the grass an oceanic blue.

For a moment, the sky reminded me of my mother’s story and
my heart’s panged in a longing for home….but it passed as I discovered even
more wonders.

Four-winged butterflies flitted among skyscraping flowers
that blossomed in exotic colors and styles.


Beyond the stone path, a small town came into view.

The buildings appeared to be made of stone with square windows and wooden tiled roofs. Smoke drifted from the circular chimneys and children played in the meadow just outside the village.

I sprinted to catch up with the Sister who was entering the
town through a gate in a rickety wooden fence which encompassed the village.


Little ones gathered around her, clutching at her white

They too wore white. But they wore white linen pants and shirts – each had a
different colored fabric belt.

Cries of ‘Sister’ filled the air. A hundred smiling faces stared up at the
woman who was laughing. Her laughter was like the tinkling of a thousand silver


I smiled myself as I caught up with her, falling into step
next to her as the sea of children parted to let us by.

They stopped smiling when they saw me. They shrank back,
eyes wide in fear. A young boy gasped as I brushed past him. A shudder vibrated
through the children.

“Why are they afraid of me?” I murmured, swinging my head back and forth to
inspect the small flock of frightened younglings.


“You are a Time Lady. Worst still, you are half human.” The
Sister said, almost wistfully.

I stared at her, incredulously. “They’re not human?”


She laughed heartily, throwing her head back, her face to
the clouds.


“Heavens, no! We are a humanoid species called the Naia. We
are descended from humans, yes, as humans are descended from Time Lords, but we
differ greatly from both species.”


I examined the children more closely.

Their eyes.

Some had purple eyes, others a sharp tangerine.

One girl had iridescent eyes which reflected the colors
around her.

A small boy possessed strange red eyes.

Their skin colors clashed with their hair color as did the
Sister’s, who had red hair and dark skin like an African.

The girl with iridescent eyes had chestnut colored skin and
pure white hair.

The boy with red eyes had normal Caucasian skin with Asian
black hair.

They were a melding of every race on planet Earth and
perhaps every humanoid species in the universe.


“We once had a settlement on Earth, you know,” The Sister
began, suddenly. I turned to her, intrigued, “I believe Plato referred to it as


I ogled her. Atlantis? The Atlantis? The city which sank
beneath the ocean waves from a devastating cataclysm? That Atlantis?


She smiled broadly at my open mouth.


“Wh-where are all the adults?” I stammered, trying
desperately to change the subject.


Her face grew dark.

“There are only the Sisters nowadays. The parents of all
these wonderful children left to do battle with another planet in this solar
system. The people of that planet had threatened to destroy this world so they
left their home, Naiagra, leaving their children in the capable hands of the
Sisters of Fate. To this day we do not know what happened to them.”


A slight breeze tousled the Sister’s hair. It flew out
behind her like a red flag.

Our journey through the village brought us to a plaza.

A circular mosaic with the symbol of Rassilon lay in the
center of it; abandon vendor cart’s fabric fluttered in the sudden wind.


“If you are all afraid of Time Lords then why…..” I trailed
off when I saw sadness in her eyes.


“The children only fear Time Lords because of the stories
their parents told them. They spoke of the last of the Time Lords, the man who
is like fire and ice…..and rage. The Sisters attempted to teach them the truth
but their parents disapproved and hid the children from us. Only when the war
began were we able to convince a few.”


I looked about and saw a few scant children watching us at
the edges of the plaza.


“Mother!” A girl ran toward us, smiling and laughing.

She was similar to the Sister in her appearance but she had
lily white skin.

She wore a frilly white dress which bounced and billowed
with every step she took.


this is my daughter. She is a Daughter of Fate.” The Sister said.


The Daughter curtsied, “A pleasure miss. You are the hybrid?”


I blinked. That was a new one.


“Blimey…..Sure, I suppose.”


She blushed. The Daughter was no older than ten, perhaps


“Why don’t you or your mother have names?” I asked slowly.


It was her turn to bat her vivid green eyes, “Why does the
Doctor call himself the Doctor?” She countered, grinning impishly.


I grinned right back, “You do have a point there.” I




I turned to the Sister.


“Let’s begin.”





The entire arena had been turned into a battle ground.

The Sister of Fate’s hands glowed with ethereal fire. And
she was quickly advancing.


My hearts pounded in my chest and the planet seemed to be
turning faster – It was that or I was concentrating too hard. Either way I felt
extremely dizzy.


“You’re focusing on your known powers too much! Concentrate!
Think of anything related to time – a clock, father time, THINK!”


She was getting closer. One hand reared back like a claw to


Light exploded around me in vivid red and blue. In my right
eye I could see a tunnel of flashing red and blue with streaks of green. In my
left I saw a frozen image of the Sister, still posed to strike.

I was hovering in the strange tunnel of light. The streaks
of green shot past me like strange emerald fireflies.

I moved forward a fraction.

The Sister’s hand moved slightly and stopped when I stopped
in the tunnel.


I smiled.

An internal instinct told me what it was.

The Time Vortex.

One of the most dangerous places in existence.

A dimension, which is time, itself.


I moved extremely slowly in my spiritual form through the
tunnel and maneuvered my physical body to dodge the blow from the Sister.


I blinked and my vision was restored; the Sister struck at
thin air.


“Very good. Perhaps you are the Doctor’s daughter after all.”


I half-smiled, “Thanks…..I think.”



I had controlled time.

Looking back, I think it was the greatest achievement I have
ever made – well, not counting the time I – err…..never mind.

My training lasted for seven days – seven days equaled a day
on this slow turning planet.


I slept on a thick blanket in the temple beneath the stained
glass dome every twenty-four hours – it was difficult to sleep in the broad
daylight, but I managed to keep my strength up.

Every day I learned something new. From perfecting my skills
of controlling time to learning basic fighting skills, I learned all of the
techniques I would need to survive in the big bad universe.

On the evening of the seventh day, the sun finally set.

The emerald sky blazed with streaks of blood red, mirroring
the complexion of the Sister and the Daughter.

We watched the sunset from the arena.

The sun here was a white dwarf, which, oddly enough, made
the sky blood red.

It was breathtaking.


“Where are the other Sisters?” I asked the Sister who sat
next to me on the mosaic in the plaza; my eyes were fixed on the tiny pinprick
of white light as the star sank beneath the sapphire mountains in the distance.


The Daughter sighed at my words.


“One Sister guards each temple at each village and watches
the children there.” The Sister replied.


“Oh.” I said quietly, turning my face away and towards the
majestic mountains.


The first stars came out.

A different sky……new constellations blossomed to life
against the inky blackness.

No moon rose above the blue grass.

Instead, a gas giant erected itself in the heavens, purple
in color with brilliant crimson rings.


“Oh, how beautiful!” I exclaimed.

Beyond the village, the tall stalks of the exotic flowers
wavered as their blossoms closed for the night.

I turned to the Daughter on my right. I gasped when I saw
that her eyes glowed an unearthly green.

So did the Sister’s.


“Now, I’ve seen everything.” I muttered.


“Oh no, Victoria,”
The Sister stood, her frame outlined in emerald, from her eyes, against the star
dappled sky, “You have not seen anything yet.”



And so, that is how my journey began.

The Sister and the Daughter of Fate led me to the temple,
illuminated in the planetlight like a gem.

The stars glittered majestically as though they were bidding
me adieu.

When the gas giant rose to exactly the right position it lit
up the symbol of Rassilon with all of the colors of the stained glass.

I walked into the temple with my head held high. The wooden
doors creaked gently as I pushed them open, a scent of lavender wafting over me
from unseen incense.

My trench coat billowed out as I walked to the center of the

The gas giant cast strange shadows across the Sister and the
Daughter’s faces who were now facing me outside of the symbol.

Their eyes added to the cacophony of light and color, green
rays striking the symbol.

My watch made a funny sound.

I think now that it mimicked the sound the TARDIS makes when
it takes off or lands. The ancient grind of the mysterious blue box’s engines
was coming from the wristwatch which began to glow with the same fire that had
consumed me in the abyss.

The Sister and the Daughter both smiled.

And my world went dark.



My eyes snapped open.

The trip to whatever godforsaken place I found myself in had
been short and sweet.

I was shrouded in darkness.

I stood and my trench coat slid off my head where it had
wound up.

I laughed, picking the thing up off the ground.

Looking around, I realized I must be on Earth.

That is, the Earth of this universe.

I was in an alley, amid garbage cans. Newspapers fluttered
in the warm early summer breeze like great white birds.

The alley opened into a busy street – looked like London, but for all I knew it could have been Hong Kong.

I took a deep breath and walked into the light.



The End

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