It Begins....

I stared out my bedroom window. The sun had set and the
first star gently peeked out.

And so I wished, on that star, what I wish every night:

Star bright, star light

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might

Have the wish I wish tonight…..


“I wish, with all my hearts, that mum and me could find a
way back to where we belong.” I whispered, my breath forming fog on the window.


I heard my door creak. Turning, I saw mum in the doorway,
her robe and PJs on, a cup of tea in her hand.


“Ready for a story?” She asked me with a smile.

I grinned and nodded.

I loved Mum’s stories. From the supernatural to the extraterrestrial,
they were thrilling adventures that left your hands clammy and chills going up
your spine.


But the most wonderful part of all was that they were all


“The Doctor and Rose, in the T.A.R.D.I.S, as it should be,”
my Uncle Mickey once said……

It seemed to perfectly describe the better portion of mum’s


The fire popped, disturbing my thoughts. Mum and I were
sitting by the hearth on that cold winter night, a warm cup of untouched tea in
my hand.


“I think I’ve thought of the perfect story.” Mum announced
after drawing a long sip from her cup.

She set it down on the coffee table and tucked her blonde
hair behind her ear.


“Your father and I were on the planet called Callisto.
Nobody inhabits it so we had the place all to ourselves. It was the Earth year
1820….but that’s not really important now is it?

.…..The color of the sky was mint green. And the trees were
baby blue……

So he and I were sitting on the beach, listening to the
ocean breaking on the rocks and the birds singing strange tunes high above.


‘I rather like mint colored skies,’ he said, ‘Quite unique.
Although I did see a purple sky once,
now that was something! Color of a
bruise it was….Well, more like grape juice….Well,
actually it was bit lavender-ish.
Reminds me of the time Sarah Jane died my hair pink while I was asleep. You’d
look quite nice with pink hair actually,’ he picked up a strip of my hair which
was blowing around in the breeze, ‘A bit of pink right – here,’ he tugged on it
and I laughed, shoving him so he rolled over on the sand.

I swear, he was plain silly sometimes.”



……So that’s how our life was.

Some days I thought it would never end.

But isn’t that what we strived for? For it to end – to find
a way to the Doctor?


When our mugs were drained of the steaming hot tea, we
retired to our beds……



“She is returning….”


A dimly lit forest
appears through the gloom.


“There is a way….” A white
robed figure stepped into the glen. Her eyes burned like fire, blonde hair
swirling about in the breeze.


“But the price is high….Only
through death can one journey to another universe….”


My body suddenly
materialized in the glen – I was no longer a disembodied spirit.


“…And death again for another to
come. You would travel along through hundreds of time and planets; long forgotten


“I’ll do whatever it


Did I just say that?


“Very well,” The woman
said, her gaze quite piercing beneath her hood, “The way has already
been prepared for you – he shall suspect someone shall arrive. And I have sent
someone to your destination to instruct you. You have five years to find the
Doctor – Good luck.”



My eyes opened. I sat up in bed, cold sweat running down my


A dream – All a dream.




I gasped and clutched my head. The voice throbbed the word,
pounding my eardrums.


All right, not a dream – Not a dream!


I shivered.


…..And I still didn’t know how to get there!


A blinding white light
seared my eyes. When it had passed, a silver wristwatch was on my rug.


I slid off my bed, bare feet touching the smooth, cold
wooden floor.

The watch appeared to glow, flickering gently as a torch
might when its battery is dying.

I hardly dared breathe. I knelt on the rug and stretched my
index finger towards it.

It was warm to the touch as though it generated its own heat.


Most strange was the face of the watch. Instead of the usual
twelve numbers all the way round, it had three separate rings of months, years
and days, revolving round the center disk of the watch.

Four hands pointed to different parts of the watch – the
fourth hand indicated the hour by pointing to one of twelve numbers near the
center of the watch.

A small hand counted the seconds as they ticked by.


Etched into the center disk, within the ring of the twelve
numbers, was a strange symbol. It had an infinity symbol within a circle, swirls
inside both ends of the infinity symbol and a fancy cursive ‘x’ shape across it

Later, I would come to know the importance of that
symbol….but that was for another time…….




I lifted my head.




I stood, puzzled at the loud sound of a bell.




An ancient instinct told me to run. Run far away and not to
look back – but a deeper knowledge kept my feet firmly planted.




Blackness crowded my thoughts as I was plunged into








A sharp pain in my head awakened me.


At first, my eyesight was blurry, preventing me from seeing
where in the universe I was.


The next moment, I wished my eyes were still blurry.


I was floating in darkness, no light anywhere. Haunting
moans echoed around me, screams entwined in them.

Every fiber of my being wanted to escape, but I couldn’t
move. I couldn’t breathe.

I was panicking.

My body was convulsing, trying desperately to inhale,
without anythingto inhale.


This is it, I thought, this is the end.

I relaxed, gave up and hung my head.

The last of my energy sapped away, a cold numbness consuming
my flesh.

I felt my hearts beat their last before they too died.

And I died.


Some say that death is the next great adventure…..But in
those moments, as my soul sank to a place I really
didn’t want to go, I knew that death is no adventure – at least, not for those
who have not chosen their fate in life.


…..Light exploded around me, an ethereal fire licking my

I could breathe again.

The void around me had been filled with life-giving oxygen.

I was dead, but now I was alive.

The strange flame crept over my face, burning everything in
its path; but it didn’t hurt. It was almost soothing in a creepy sort of way.


The haunting moans of the abyss were replaced with voices –
the same voice saying all sorts of different things, all overlapping each


I’m not just a Time
Lord; I’m the last of the Time Lords……...Rose!..........And she’s very much
alive……….You should have seen it, that old planet….The second sun would rise in
the south, and the mountains would shine…..The leaves on the trees were silver,
and when they caught the light every morning, it would look like a forest on


New voices joined the fray……


He’s like fire and ice
and rage…..he’s like the night and the storm at the heart of the sun…..he’s
ancient and forever….he burns at the center of time and can see the turn of the
universe….……and….he’s wonderful……There’s something of the wolf about you
too…..And the Big Bad Wolf……And his name is the Doctor……


My hearts leapt at the mention of the Doctor……


……I can feel every
atom of your existence, and I divide them!




Before I had time to question, images flashed before my eyes
– My mum, a blue box spinning through space and metal men marching in unison,
repeating the same phrase over and over: Delete. Delete. Delete……

A man with the deepest of brown eyes and equally brown hair
that stuck up in the front all wild and crazy……

And a different man with pale green eyes and blackish hair
that hung in his eyes, a mysterious smile on his face – like the Mona Lisa…….


……The images grew more and more rapid, flashing one after
the other, the voices even more intense……


…….I don’t want to
go!.....Doctor!.....Something’s wrong…….


I finally found my voice, and screamed as the fire seared my


……Help me!.......It’s
the end of the universe….not even Time Lords come here…….I am the Doctor! And
you are the Daleks!.....Exterminate!......


Rose Tyler…..


I held my breath, even through the pain….


If it’s the last
chance I’ll ever have to say it…..


I felt myself falling……


I love you…….






The End

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