I am Victoria

Victoria Tyler has never been normal.....

Just as a brief note, I started writing this fanfiction a LONG time ago, WAY before Matt Smith ever even appeared on Doctor Who - so when I am talking about 'the Doctor' it's more than likely I'm referring to Tennant's Doctor. If I ever do refer to Smith's, I will be sure to make a note about it.


I hope you enjoy Victoria's story! ^^





Rose Tyler held the
tiny bundle of warmth close to her chest.

Never had she experienced such a miracle.


She could the baby’s hearts beating softly.


“Hello, Victoria,”
Rose whispered……


Thirteen years later……..


The Doctor stared at
the photograph of Rose.


It was his favorite – the Doctor bunny-ear-ing her and Rose
smiling with her tongue between her teeth.


Thirteen years. It had been thirteen years since he’d seen

Tears welled in his eyes. He’d failed.

He could still remember vividly the moment he’d lost her…..

And the day he’d last seen her….

Kissing his double.


It was only afterward that he realized that meta-crisis
clones die once separated from the original.

He’d not only failed himself, he’d failed Rose.


The Doctor had never gotten the chance to tell her he loved
her before it was too late……


On another world…..


I gasped and clutched at the wound in my side.

The howls of the were-wolves were growing louder.


I was leaning against a stone wall in an abandon alley.


I had been running all night long.


I can smell your fear…..


My breath became shallow asshecame closer.

I peered into the darkened street.


A white clothed figure stood in the middle of the street.
Her eyes glowed.

She threw back the hood of her cloak.


She was my mother.



The End

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