My Legacies.

Most girls my age are out till late at weekends, drinking, partying and kissing boys. Not me. Most girls wear pretty clothes and love shopping, wear make-up and flowery perfume. Not me. Most girls don't start developing super powers. But I do. 

My first legacy came two years ago, when I was fourteen. I was sitting in class in Liverpool, England, when flames appeared in my palms. They extinguished quickly, but created a puff of smoke that set off the fire alarms. The teachers thought someone was playing a silly prank, when they searched the school and found no flames. They blamed the school trouble maker. Ever since, I have been able to control fire. It was hard at first. I started fires when ever I got over emotional. But I quickly learned to extinguish the fires just as quickly as I could create them, and now, I was in total control of it. 

A week or two later, my telekinesis came. I had been training with Mary, making balls of flame and flinging them at her, only to extinguish them straight after, when suddenly, I set a tennis ball on fire by accident. The grass ignited, spreading quickly toward Mary. For a few minutes, I was too panicked to remember I could extinguish the flames. I thrust my arms out, ready to leap, aiming to shove Mary and push her out of danger. But just as I began to take my run-up, I saw the tennis ball floating in mid-air. Mary was staring at it in awe. 

"Telekinesis!" She cried, a massive smile on her face. Mimicking her smile, I extinguished the flames and we began to train my mind. We practiced for hours every day, with me lifting heavier and heavier things, until I could lift a stack of three heavy-duty lorries at once, without even breaking a sweat. Now, I could engulf my whole body in flames, and chuck flaming rocks and branches with my mind. I was getting stronger. 

My next legacy was another lesser one. Human- as well as Loric and Mogadorian- Telepathy. Ever since my fifteenth birthday, two months after I had gotten my first legacy, I had begun to hear strange voices in my head, hearing a loud babble even when the room I was in was filled with students silently doing a test. I had told Mary, thinking she would laugh and tell me I was going crazy, but she didn't. She merely smiled, and said: "Telepathy. Thats an irritating one. You're gonna want to learn how to switch that off, before you start hearing things you don't want to." It took me the longest time to control this one. At first I had to concentrate really hard, screwing up my face and ending up with a headache before I could stop the barrage of thoughts Mary threw at me. 

My main Legacy came only a month ago. A legacy that Mary said was extremely special, and rare. And incredibly hard to master. Shape-shifting. It began with dreams of flying like a bird, of running as fast as a cheetah, of swimming under-water for hours like a fish. Then, one day in the bath I remembered my dream. And when I say remembered, I mean a fully immersive experience. And when I came back to my senses, everything was so much bigger, and I was under water.. I could feel the water rushing into my gills. Wait- gills! I had swum in circles, trying to see, feel my gills. But my fins weren't long enough, and soon, I transformed back, into a shell-shocked girl, with my guardian standing over me with the biggest grin I have ever seen on her face. 

I still can't control this legacy fully yet. But it is helpful. I can transform into a bird, and fly off to see if there is danger ahead. I can run like a grey-hound if needed. If it came down to it, I could transform into a flea, and hide from the Mogadorians. They'd never find me then. 

But there is no time to train now. This is the real thing. Now, if I am shot, I die. Mary and I must travel to America. We must find the others. We must Live. 

The End

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