I Am Number Nine

There were nine. Three are dead. I am Number Nine.

They killed Number One in Malaysia.
They tracked down Number Two in England.
They Murdered Number Three in Kenya.
They tried, and failed, to kill Number Four in Ohio.

The Loric charm is broken, and now we are all under threat. I must find the others, before it is too late.

Mary, my Cepan, is packing our stuff. But this time, she isn't packing everything. Instead, she only packs the essentials. All furniture, and all except for a few items of clothing will be burnt, along with this house. This house, where I have safely spent the last year and a half. We were never worried. I'm Number Nine. They would have had to kill all of the other children of Lorien before they could kill me. But then.. Then things changed. 

Number Four and Number Six met. In Ohio, USA. And thus, the charm broke. The next week, Mogadorians were sighted in our town. One shot at me, and when the shot did not go flying back at him, I realized what had happened. I captured that Mogadorian easily. It was just the one. A piece of cake, almost. I forced him to talk. He told me his comrades were in America, hunting down Number Four. They had killed the first three.

"I know that." I had told him, irritably. Then he told me of how two of the Lorien Six had attacked, and decimated, his comrades. "Two?" I asked, urgently. "You're sure there were two?" 

"I'm sure." He said. That was all the information I needed. The charm was broken. We had to leave. ASAP. Without even a smile of thanks, I plunged the Loric Knife into his head. He exploded into ash, and I walked away. We needed to leave. 

The End

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