Chapter 1 - New GirlMature

Ichiro sat in class, his mind wondering for the first time instead of paying attention to the kids moving in. Of course, he usually would give these kids what they wanted: someone to make fun of or find amusing. Today, however, he needed to think.

For today was the day the 'end' was supposed to begin.

At least, that was what Kurohane had said. The voice never lied, though. It had been predicting every little detail of his life since Ichiro was only ten. He never knew it was prophecy at first, being scared to the brink of insanity. Only his father's cold words had made him confront his fear. After that, he started to listen and recognize the voice for what it was.

But why had it said today was the beginning of the end? Usually Kurohane would tell him all about his day. Ichiro looked forward to it after a while. It was like having a friend. Sure, there were kids he could talk to and called friends, but he didn't REALLY have any. Except for Kurohane.

The teacher walked into the classroom, her stride and clothing making her more out to be a mother than a model. Mrs. Winnerson sat down and motioned toward the still open door. Was this going to be a meeting with some special guest. Last time there had been a fireman. It was just boring, though. Ichiro sighed and nearly delved back into his own thoughts, only to stop after seeing a young girl near his own age.

"This," Mrs. Winnerson said, putting a hand on the new girl's shoulder, "is Kera Rose. She is a new student and has just moved here from England." The class mumbled the usual things. New girl. Wonder if she is single? Maybe she is a freak. The usual things the class said at these times. Kera wasn't the first new student, even if she was from out of country. But Ichiro was stunned. He didn't know why. Kera' long blonde hair, small frame, and dark eyes all seemed... familiar. Or... Maybe this was what it was like to have a crush?

Kera nodded to the class, regarding the class with cold, observant eyes. "It is a pleasure," she said, her English accent showing through. The class replied nonchalantly, then went back to talking to each other. Mrs. Winnerson always showed up ten minutes early to set up her desk and prepare, so the class still had time to goof off. Ichiro sighed as Jared and the Thomson brothers walked over to pick on Luke in the back of the room.

"I am told I will sit next to you." Ichiro looked up and saw that Kera was standing right beside his desk with a hand outstretched. "It is a pleasure to meet you, Jim."

Ichiro found himself lost in her cold stare for a moment. Was it because of his nightmares that he was so interested in the emotionlessness those eyes projected? Wait... What had she called him.

"My name is Ichiro, dame."

"And my name is Kera, not dame."

Ichiro laughed softly. How odd of him. "It is word I use for girls. Sorry." Why was he sorry? He was NEVER sorry! Ichiro never even talked to people, really.

She just nodded, obliviously unaware at just how odd Ichiro was, then sat down next to him. "So what class is this?"

"English. You didn't know?"

"No, I just got here and was rushed off to this classroom."

"Ah, alright then. Mrs. Winningson is pretty strict, but in a good way."

Kera eyes him with her dark eyes. Scary. "I wasn't aware a strict teacher was something you Americans find 'good.'"

Ichiro giggled softly, and yet again felt odd. He didn't giggle or laugh. He didn't put out any emotion! He simply smiled and rolled with the world! What was wrong with him? "Well, I am not really considered American around here, despite being born here."

She looked him up and down. "I see."

"It is nice to have a conversation without worrying about my 'flowery' speech, though."


"The others think I speak more eloquently for some reason."

Someone bumped into Ichiro's shoulder, making him snap back into reality. "Sorry, Nazi, didn't mean to..." Jared trailed off as he looked at Kera. Was that... Fear? "Ah, sorry, I'll be... um... going to my seat now..." And with that, the toughest kid in school left and walked to his seat without a single insult.

Well, except the Nazi comment.

"Class," Mrs. Winningson said, "We will now begin class! Take your seats and open your textbooks to page 354 and..."

Ichiro zoned out. Not the usual zoning out. No, that didn't happen today. This time it was for a legitimate reason. Kera, sitting perfectly still and staring at the teacher with her observing gaze, looked like someone Ichiro knew. It explained why he felt he knew her. But... it wasn't right. It couldn't be right.

Kera had the same exact eyes and persona of the Fear Aspect Power from his nightmares.

The End

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