Prologue - Dreams of FearMature

Ichiro, a young boy living in the southern United States, is constantly made fun of by nearly everyone in school. Being a half Asian/ half German will do that. But, that is not the real reason. At least, he doesn't think so. You see, Ichiro has dreams that predict his day to day activities and misfortunes... Why? Who knows.

Ichiro was useless.

It wasn't him being down on himself, as he never really thought of himself in a truly bad way. It was simply the truth. He had next to no friends outside his family and everything he did didn't really seem to matter. No, he was simply a walking shell.

But, it wasn't a bad thing. In fact, he loved it. Because he was useless, he didn't have to worry. Messing up meant just as much as achieving, which meant nothing. Well, it wasn't the best philosophy, surely, but it was one he could follow with a smile on his face and a skip in his step.

"Hey, shorty!"

Ichiro pulled himself from his thoughts and looked over at a kid across the classroom. Most the class, Ichiro realized, was now gone, leaving himself and a few other kids alone in the room. "What is it, Jared?"

The other kid laughed and walked over, two others Ichiro knew as Cory and Carl Thompson. "Speak some gibberish for us," he said poking Ichiro hard in the shoulder, "I want to hear all those silly words."

"Wie das?" Ichiro said, looking amused himself. They hated it when he smiled at them, but apparently German was very funny sounding to these kids. Ichiro never cared though. His father had told him to never be ashamed of his heritage. His heritage, however, is the reason he was made fun of. Out of all the races he could be, he had to be two of the worst that fought America. He didn't care though. Nothing bothered Ichiro.

"Freak," he said, then walked off, his minions in tow. Ichiro heard something about Nazi's from them, but ignored it. It didn't matter.

Ichiro made his way to the bus area. He was 17 already, but his family wasn't the greatest when it came to wealth, so he had to take the bus instead of driving home. Ichiro never minded though. There were some interesting kids on the bus. And messing with the driver was... well, it was worth the trouble.

Sadly, the bus driver was a substitute and James, a clown from the lower classes and Ichiro's friend on the buss, was missing. He had probably gotten a ride home with his older brother. Lucky kid. Ichiro's own sister giving him a ride... Now THAT was scary.

Ichiro took a nap on the bus, ignoring the younger kids annoying the bus driver. What fun was picking on a driver that he didn't know? Better to sleep. Yes... At least these seats were comfortable. 

Darkness took his vision as Ichiro drifted off to sleep....

... and woke up in Hell.

He blinked several times and walked from the smoldering area he had woken in. It was no surprise. Ichiro was used to this. Every time he slept, he had dreams of fear and violence. After years, though, he simply lost all care for this 'dreamworld' and ignored the creatures it held.

A monstrosity covered in blood and grime appeared out of the corner of a red rock formation. Bones stuck out at random points of the creatures massive body and skulls adorned his tattered clothing. He, of course, was supposed to be the embodiment of hatred. 

Ichiro called him Bob.

"Hello, Bob!" 

The creature regarded him with dead eyes and blinked through the blood that continuously flowed over them. "Pathetic creature, do you wish to die?" Bob screamed in a voice that could make a grown man cower. Not Ichiro though. It now bored him. "I will rip off that pathetic suit you call skin and use it to strangle your-"

"-my neck until my head pops off. Then, you will scalp my head, clear out the brain, and use it to adorn your glorious body." Ichiro sighed. Bob was too boring to let him talk any length of time. "Where is Kurohane? He is actually decent."

The creature roared at Ichiro, spitting lumps of flesh and blood his way. "You dare insult me!? I will obliterate you with-" The creature stopped, realizing that Ichiro was already walking away. How boring. Out of all the Aspects of Fear, Bob was the least interesting every time Ichiro visited his dreams.

"I see you've made the Fear Aspect Violence angry."

Ichiro nodded to the dark figure just ahead. In the Dreamworld the land changed at random. So, Ichiro was no longer in the rocky wastelands of violence, but in the dark hallways of loss. The Fear Aspect Lost was standing just ahead. He really wasn't more than a black outline of a human with white fangs. Ichiro called him Sam.

"Hello, Sam," Ichiro said, waving. 

"I see you still have no respect for me." The creature waved and disappeared. Ichiro just sighed as his mind began to hallucinate the deep depression that is associated with loneliness. After a while, it started to fade, letting Ichiro know he was about to wake. 

"Look, Sam," Ichiro said to the bodyless Fear Aspect, "I appreciate you wasting my time, but I am about to go. Can I see Kurohane and get whatever my next prophecy is?"

The images subsided and the hall split open in an instant, revealing a shining darkness. There was really no other way to describe it, really, and Ichiro was too used to it to try observing the anomaly. 

"You," Sam said, reappearing in the hallway as Ichiro walked out, "Need to learn to accept fear."


Ichiro's vision faded as he left the dark hallway and entered the True Darkness. 


It was him. There was nothing in sight, nor anything to feel. Ichiro simply floated in perfect darkness, Kurohane's quiet menacing voice in his head. 

"So, what is today's prophecy Kurohane?"

The voice hesitated. It was probably something to do with more bullies, his room being destroyed by something, or something that would break. Honestly, he stopped caring. His curiosity was starting to die, even. Honestly, what was the point of knowing the future if-

"The end starts."

Ichiro stopped breathing. He didn't need to in the first place, but still. Kurohane's words shocked him. The end? That always meant death, right? Well, Kurohane WAS the Fear Aspect Death. Ichiro tried to ask the Aspect what he meant, but it was too late. Ichiro woke up on the bus, the substitute yelling for him to get off. Ichiro got off, one thought in his mind.

Tomorrow would suck.

The End

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