I am Mr Capulet

A poem story about how the fued between the capulets and the montagues came about (Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare)

I am Mr Capulet

And as you soon will see,

The death of my dear Juliet,

Was really down to me...

See 30 years before her,

When I was young and free,

I called my next door neighbour

-Asked him round for tea

Oh dear what a mistake I'd made

Because right from the start

On the picnic blanket laid,

Only one slice of strawberry tart.

Said my next door neighbour Montague,

When realising the flaw

"Oh don't mind me- how about you?"

So I took it and scoffed it all!

Oh my poor friend turned quite red

In his horror and his disgust

"But I'm the guest!" he repeatedly said

As he found it quite unjust

He stormed out of the park

And I'm afraid he said

"Someday in the the future,

I hope one of your family is dead!"

Well his wish was definately granted

But he had to pay a price too

For they both died together, and on that night

I shouted "I'm sorry Montague!!!"

The End

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