I Am Me

He thought he could walk away. Thought he could forget. It is impossible. Many have tried before him. I assure you, I make a very strong impression. No one ever forgets me. It is not my face. Not my shape. It is all of me, put together. I am the only one of me. I am strong enough to fight. I am smart enough not to fall. I am too much for him. He figured it out too late to save himself. He is mine. He will always be mine. Walking away, he realizes. He will never be the same again. No one will see a difference in me. I have been changed to my limit. I am a compilation of experiences. Things too big for your average teenager. To big for your average human of any age. It doesn't matter what his name is. It could be a girl. It still rings true. No one ever forgets me. Not once they take the chance to get to know me.

The End

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