I wasn’t what you would call the typically beautiful and cute kind of girl. I was just plain- simple and plain, but deep inside I knew that I was uniquely beautiful in my own special kind of way. All through my high school life, I had seen a lot of guys creating hype and fighting for the popular, pretty girls and trying to win their hearts. Although my heart ached, I silently accepted the fact that I would never be one of them. Oh! yeah sure, even if few people took the slightest interest in me, they would quickly retreat because of my simple, straightforward attitude that was definitely boring. I was never the kind of person who could casually flirt with guys or make them fall over my feet.

But, all this was only until i saw him and then, at that moment, I knew that I was gone……. gone completely!!! I had hopelessly fallen in love. I needed those beautiful eyes to look into mine, I needed that gorgeous smile to light up my day. He was perfect, and I mean it - perfect!!!

Tall, fair, lean, a gorgeous smile complete with dimples and an amazing attitude were only, but a few qualities of ‘my knight in shining armor!!!’ But I couldn’t change - I continued to be what I always had been - plump, curly hair, glasses, braces, a face dotted with pimples and above all, my simple plain self.

But, as it turns out, he was no different from others and he too had fantasies about the most popular girl in school and I knew that I could do nothing, but simply let go for there was no point in waiting only to be heartbroken. For the first time that day, I felt bad for being me… I cursed myself for being born as who I was!!! But I reassured myself hoping - just hoping that someday, somewhere, someone would probably rip open my exteriors and look into my heat and fall for who I genuinely was and would genuinely care for me because I am not ugly - I am beautiful… beautiful in my own special kind of way!!!

” Somewhere deep inside my heart,

Are buried my hidden feelings for you.

How to bring them out,

I do not know!!!

I just hope that you might throw a glance at me,

Or maybe even a smile to brighten up my day!

I just hope that someday, maybe someday…

Just maybe… you’ll be mine forever and ever and ever…”

The End

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