We walked out the entrance and I looked around. They we’re no where to be seen. “Strange,” I though aloud. “Alex said they we’re here…” I was quite confused. I pulled out my phone and was halfway through typing a message when it began to ring. AGAIN.

I answered.

Frankie: You here yet?

Me: Where, exactly, is ‘here’?

Frankie: The bus stop.

Me: UGH! (the bus stop is 10 minutes away!)

I sighed. “Fine I’ll be there. Give me 10 minutes.

“You better hurry. The bus will be here in like 15 if its not here earlier.” She replied.

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I turned my attention to the really hot guy that accompanied me out here.

“Emm…I’m really sorry about this but, eh…would you mind walking with me to the bus stop. It’s like 10 minutes from here.” I wrung my hands with akwardness. ~don’t ask him, stupid. Let him offer! ~but it was too late now. “I want to get to know,” I gestured with my hands. “You.”

“You just gestured to all ofme.” He said a little perplexed.

I smiled. “I know.”

He smiled back and we began to walk towards the bus stop.

The End

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