“Bandit, where to hell are you?! Charlie’s gone mental looking for you!” Alex nearly yelled down the phone. By nearly yelled I mean he said it pretty loudly and he sounded really annoyed.

“I was…I…” I trailed on; I couldn’t really say that I had just sparred with a complete stranger now could I?

“ALEX! GIVE ME THE PHONE!” I heard Charlie on the other end; sh#t she was mad.

“Char calm down. I’m talking-

“Don’t you tell me to calm down! Where the F**k is she!?”

“Ah! Charlie!” he yelled. “Ban, go to the entrance we to get the bus back to Charlie’s, she’s kinda mad.”

I sighed. “Fine, but only cause I don’t want to be scraping your remains off the sidewalk.” I laughed. Alex hung up but not before I heard Charlie shouting, “Alex, I’ll kill you! Why didn’t you give me the phone!?”

Laughing I put away my phone and turned back to the Rohan at my feet.

“My dear Prince, it seems I must take my leave. My fellowship seems to have lost me and have become quite worried for my well being.” I put back on my Elfish speak; what can I say I love speaking like this.

“Oh course my princess.” He smiled. “I shall accompany to seek them. I wish you to get there safely as you have won a date with yours truly.” He winked placing a hand on the small of my back and leading the way to the front entrance of the venue.


The End

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