I Win

He nodded. “Son ofAragon; King of Rohan.”

I dropped into a curtsey and bowed my head. ~This is so cool! It’s like I’m in Middle Earth! :D ~



“It is an honor Your Highness, Prince Agrathorn.” He tilted up my head and gestured for me to stand up. I did. “You are not A son of Rohan. You are THE son of Rohan. Please forgive me if I have been wasting your time.” I bowed my head and prepared to leave.

“You have not wasted my time Princess.” He rambled out quite quickly. I swear he was getting chased or something.

“Oh.” I blushed. ~Made a fool of yourself Bandit didn’t you~

“Milady, you carry a blade on your person. Does a princess even know how to wield a weapon of warriors?” he gestured to the fake dagger I had on my belt.

I grinned at him. “Is his Highness challenging me to spar?”

He stepped up closer to me and looked down with those piercing blue eyes. “Only if Milady wishes to be beaten by the son of Rohan.” He smirked.

“I’ll take that bet your Highness.” I turned on my heel and lead the way to the sparing mats set up for the sword tournaments that had taken place earlier that day.

I picked the mat in the far corner and twirled around to face ‘Agrathorn’.

“Right, Prince of Rohan, prepare to meet your match.” I said as I took my place at one end of the mat and he took the other.

He drew his sword but I kept my dagger in its sheath.

“Why do you not draw your blade Princess? Are you backing out of this competition?” He joked. Well at least I think he joked; I hope it was a joke.

“Why should I draw my blade if there is no prize to be won?” I called back pleased with my answer.

“Well, if I am to be victorious, you; my Princess must accompany me to a dinner. If, however and it is most unlikely, you win; you are privileged enough to see me again.”


Do I really want to pass off the chance to have a date with this really hot Rohan? Hmmm…NOPE! “You have a challenge son of Rohan!” I grinned back.

He swung his sword down. I quickly pulled my dagger from its sheath and blocked his attack. I smirked at him and pushed him away from me. He looked slightly stunned. I laughed quietly to myself.

He regained his confidence and thrust his sword forward. (No dirty joke implied, ha-ha)

I stepped to the side catching his sword arm and twisting it behind his back bringing my dagger to rest at his throat.

“I win.” I whispered in his ear before dropping him on the mat.

~Loverboy! You played their hearts like toys…~

I pulled out my phone and answered. “Heya Alex! What’s up?”

The End

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