I Am A Princess

I stepped out into the street and took in a deep breath. I loved Fanta-Con, it was the city's annual Fantasy Convention.

I smoothed out my red floor length dress and straightened my tiara. I looked at my refelction in the a shop window; not bad if I do say so myself.

When I reached the venue I handed the guard my pass and he let me through the barrier after checking satchel for anything suspicious. I took in eveything all the people young and old dressed in outfits for different movies and books. There were wizards for Harry Potter, vampires from Twilight, assassins form Assassins Creed and I even spotted and Orc or two from Lord of the Rings.

"BBBAAANNNNDDDIIITTTTT!!!" I turned with enough time to see a blueclad girl attack me into a hug. 

"AHH! Lori let me go!" I laughed. She finally let me go and stood back. She was wearing a simple blue native dress and blue pumps. She had a dark blue choker around her neck with a ice blue disk with cravings on it. Her hair was pulled into a low bun and two pieces of her front hair was clipped back. She was Katara, from Avater: The Last Airbender.  

Lori led me through the crowds of people.

She pullded me out of the ocean of costumes. I saw our group of friends sitting at  table in the food area.

"I found her!" Lori called getting everyone's attention.

"You're late." Charlie stood up with a mocking serious face.

"Well my kingdom needed running." I stuck out my tonuge and took a seat at the end of the table next to Frankie. Charlie back down next to Alex. Before you get it wrong, Charlie and Frankie ARE GIRLS! So is Mel. So no funny business.

I looked around the table, we all seemed to be here. Me; Bandit Osbourne, my best friend Charlie McDonnell; she was dressed as a female version of Doctor Who, Charlie's boyfriend Alex Day; he was dressed as the actual Doctor, my other close friend Lori Kelly; I already said she was dressed as Katara, Frankie Morgen; she was a Gryiffidor from Harry Potter, Mel Hayes ; she was also a Gryiffidor, her boyfriend Pip (it's is nickname, deal with it) ; another Gryiffindor and lastly there was Danny; as Eragon.

If you're wondering what I'm dressed as I'm gonna make you guess 'cause I'm mean like that.

The End

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