And I, I am the fourth city.

I really do try to lead an existence that is blissful and sophisticated and carefree all at the same time. My older sister achieves this brilliant feat; she is fair and beautiful and everything else that I should be. But I, nestled in the outstretched, tanned arms of my mother, the tree, fall flat. I, my mother's namesake, pale in comparison. 

Well, I certainly have as much potential as my sister! We are inherently identical. The same beautiful hair, laced with the singing birds covers our heads; the same strong bones lie underneath our brown skin; and the same blue blood runs through our veins.

So to find my identity, to break free, I must turn to my father. My father, who only has one daughter. And my paternal roots will guide me to my true self, a distinctively different being from her sister.

The End

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