I am....

Pick up one inanimate object and write a diary entry from it's point of view. It could be anything from the ceiling fan to the couch, from the shower-head to the closet hook.

Try to keep things light and peppy and immature.
Knock yourselves out!!!

Dear Daphne (my diary),

Today I have been swung around for more times than I care to count. It has been a regular procession of people, some customers and some merely browsing. I even saw Patrick, the amber leather couch displayed near the west corner of the store, depart in the big wooden crate who never cares to say hey. It was thoroughly disappointing seeing that by the way. But then I am not supposed to show any emotions, am I? Being a door does have it's shortcomings. But I always console myself with the thought that I am the single most spectacular door in the entire district when it comes to furniture stores. Oak-paneling, antique door-knockers, who are known as Knock and Rattle, and the nearly same in width and height as that snotty gate of the Empire Hotel,  Alexander.

But today I am in the mood for collecting my thoughts, recalling my friends, and just introducing them to you. Let us start from the very beginning, if you may, my dearest Daphne.

Have you ever been to the furniture store around the corner near 6th Avenue? The welcome mat, Stella, is a dear friend of mine, always cheerful and warm, irrespective of the weather or the moods of those that tread on her to enter into the dimly-lit domain of MacAllister's Dream Home. As soon as you walk over her, or past her, you can easily make out the hustle-bustle inside this quaint family-owned store.

The air-conditioning unit, Chilly-C, is one heck of a funny guy. His jokes about temperature control and leaky ducts are simply too funny to forget. His white exterior is not as pristine as it was when he was freshly manufactured, but his ducts are regularly cleaned as well as replaced. Maybe that's why he likes to boast about his new wives whenever we get the chance to catch up. Lucky dog!!

The coat-closet is not somebody I would like to talk about or mention in this story because she would plain spoil my mood, the conniving, jealous, made-of-low-quality-wood Barbara. I know she hates the sight of me, and I can but humbly reciprocate that feeling.

Let's move on to some more jovial fellows. Peter, Anthony and Georgina, the kitchen chimneys. They are so hilarious that once I actually swung in for more than ten minutes to listen to their witty conversation. Yes yes, I was locked for more than an hour at lunch-time, but that's another story for another day. Back to the chimneys. They are the best of buddies and have been sabotaging each other's sale for the past six months. Maybe because they don't want to part company, or maybe they just like doing that. Anyway, Mr. Scott-the-Boss gets all red in the face when either of them short-circuits right in front of the customer, and later they do not show any signs of damage. It is damn funny. Believe me. And Daphne, please do NOT tell this to anyone, but I think I may have a slight crush on Georgina. I know our worlds are far apart, but then love never knew any boundaries, did it?

Then there is Augusta......uuuffff.....Shoot I gotta go. Somebody is trying to swing me in. I better allow them or Mr. Scott-the-Boss will definitely have my poor little hinges, Adam and Eve replaced.

Until another time my love,


The End

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