I Always Believed

Love is not to tampered with and to never be let go easily.

I never believed in love at first sight. I never believed in the idea that a single look, a single moment single in which you share eye contact with one person can initiate love. I never believed that a single moment is all it takes for true love to blossom. How can it possibly be that quick? As a young boy I never wanted to be tied down by the family pet, neer mind a significant other.

That was untill I met you and I fell, fell really hard. I guess it all happened the moment I laid eyes on you. All it took, was one look and it felt as if all my dreams were beginning to come. It's contradictory I know, but the moment we made eye contact I was yours, always. I was taken aback by the true magnificence of the being that was standng before me. To answer my own question. I have no idea how it can be so quick but when it happens there is nothing you can do about it.

Love at first sight never appealed to me, It has never been an option. Would you want to entangle your hand in someone else's, even though you have barely known them a couple of months? Would you want to touch your lips to theirs, feeling your skin touch theirs? It never appealed to me, staring into the eyes of somebody that you barely know. Staring, touching, loving.

There was indeed a time I didn't believe in love at first sight. But now it seems so right to me that anything else is simply an improbability. Falling in love doesn't take months, it takes mere moments for the eterenal bliss that is love to begin to blossom. Fallng in love with you was the easiest thing I have ever had the pleasure to do. From the very first moment I was in love with your eyes, your smile and laughter, they way your dimples are so obvious when you laugh and literally everything there is about you. There are parts I'm cautious about, but I can deal with those problems. There so small it's like they don't even exist within you. To me, your imperfections make you even more beautiful.

A body so full of lust and love, that everything else seems to be little more than a blur to you. It all seems like nothing more than fantasy. Love at first sight doesn't appeal to me.

Love is indeed like fantasy. Improbable and almost un-believable, yet it is still there. It stands above all the greed, pain and lust that empowers the world. It enables us to breath and open our eyes so we can see the true beauty in the world

True love should be earned, not given on a silver platter. Love is the respect, passion, kindness, lust and so much more all rolled up into one single feeling that we know as love. Love should be trusted and respected, not given easily and freely.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm deeply in love with you. You'll never know it of course, it could never happen. Through all this, I love you anyway. I'll stand by you at your height and I'll graciously fall down with you when your at your lowest. You are my absolute everything. I just wish that you knew it.

The End

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