I Almost Died

People tell Xen their story of near death experiences. Then Xen has one of his own.

Xen who was quite perplexed listened more carefully as the young man told his story.

"Then I was floating in mid-air, my life came crashing down upon me. I thought I was going to die, but I only had a near death experience." he finished.

"Wow, that story is amazing, but confusing. Since I haven't experienced death, I wouldn't know how it was." Xen smiled his toothy grin that usually made girls feel the need for him, even some guys.

The young man, that Xen later found out his name was Rob headed for the door.

"What's your name again?" Xen asked, he had a very bad memory.

"Robert Hags, but people call me Rob. You can too." Rob told Xen shaking hands for the first time.

"Bye Rob." Xen waved at him as he pushed the door open and clicked his car keys. The car, a expensive Jaguar opened it's driver door by itself. Xen thought that was very cool.

Xen sat down on his comfy desk chair. He heaved a sigh. His work was so exausting, but he loved it. People who almost died telling him their stories, was interesting.

He rested for an hour, then went to wait for the trolley.


The End

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