Elethia Campbell Is not your average 18 year old girl. She faces the terrifying nightmares almost every night, being slaughtered by this mysterious murderer who covers his face only showing his twisted smile and bright green eyes. She may seem just like your typical scarred teenager, but the dreams she has are actual murders happening by this wretched, evil man. Will they ever stop? Or will Elethia have to gather up clues to stop them..him herself?

I drag my body off of the ground, frantically looking in every which direction to find help. 

Realising  there is no one  to help me , I go into a fit of hysteria. 

"Please.. this can't be happening! HELP ME! OH MY GOD PLEASE SOMEBODY!" 

Suddenly I see a dark figure lurking up to my broken bloodied body. As he comes closer, I noticed he is still wearing that menacing smirk I've learned to hate so quickly.

"Well, well. Hasn't someone been naughty. Haven't you ever been told not to practically scream bloody murder in front of your own kidnapper?" 

At this point I'm sobbing so hard my body is shaking terribly. 

Laughing he says " What happened to fighting back? you were so much fun earlier! Now your just like the others.. No fun at all, cowards really. "

"Screw you, you bastard!"  I shout.

"No thanks."  Smiling, he picks up the blade and positions it directly in front of my heart. 

"Any last words dear?"  

The look that was in his eyes made me decide not to say anything, it would just give him more pleasure in his kill. 

"Suit your self then" he laughs. 

The knife inching closer and closer kicked my brain in realisation which pursued me into a blood piercing scream. 

Suddenly my eyes flutter open, and I realise I'm in my bed sweating  profusely. 

"Oh no. Not this again." I mutter to myself. 


It appears to be the twisted murderer  is back. 

This is bad.. Very bad.

The End

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