A new drug is developed, and rapidly transforms the human race into 'zombie' like creatures. Sammy is a fifteen year old who finds himself trying to stay alive with only his sister, his friends and a news reporter who has herself blocked herself off from the world in the local news station.



(Excerpt From A BBUK News Broadcast Dated 22/8/2009)


‘Today, human kind broke a new barrier. Scientists at the Wolf Institute of Berlin have finally perfected the much-publicised body-enhancing drug known as HYPE.

‘The drug uses a special chemical know as Hypexious Latitive to enhance the bodies natural functions, it has been referred to as a steroid, but that word apparently describes only half of HYPE’s functions.

‘Tests, which were criticized by almost every animal abuse group currently about, upon primates, which displayed increased stamina, speed and strength.  

‘The drug itself is now passing the standard pharmaceutical safety tests, but it has been expected to pass with flying colours, and will be expected to be shipped out to the US, Canada, Mexico the UK, France, Russia, Italy, China and Japan by next month, and eventually into every country in the world.

‘The US President Barack Obama described this event as one more step towards the brave new world of tomorrow, Shauna Cain, at the Wolf Institute in Berlin for BBUK News,’

The End

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