Hydrated: Part Twelve

                Devin lay on his back, unable to fall asleep and replaying his and Anemone’s kiss in his head. He closed his eyes and tried to go to sleep when water splashed him.

                He sat up quickly and saw Anemone in the water beneath him, her eyes wide and her bottom lip trembling.

“What’s wrong?” he asked with concern.

                “My father was here today,” she began as a tear trickled down her cheek. “He had nearly nothing to do with me for sixteen years, and then he appeared today, thinking that I would run into his arms and accept his love. I do not even know him! He is not my father.”

                Devin slid off the rock and sat on the sand beside the water. “Does he want you to go back with him?”

                She shrugged as her tears began to flow faster. “I do not think so. But if he does, then I will not go. I will live here with Calypso and Myrina, they are more family to me than he is.”

                “What would happen to me if you left with him?” Devin asked softly.

                “I do not know. Mayhap you would be found by Calypso and Myrina, or mayhap I could smuggle you away before they knew you were ever here.”

                “What if we both left?” Devin asked suddenly.

                Anemone wiped her face with the back of her hand and looked at him. “Really? You mean you would take me to the human world to stay with you?”

                Devin nodded. “You saved my life, and I don’t want to let you go now. You’re too interesting to let go before I get to know you better.”

                Anemone smiled and swam closer to the sand. “When could we leave?” she asked eagerly.

                “I don’t know, whenever you say I’m healthy enough to go out on the water again. But hopefully soon, because I bet everyone at home thinks I’m shark food or something.”

                “I will find out what I can of my father’s visit, and then we can decide something. I will be back tomorrow morning,” she said happily.

                Devin nodded. “We’ll have to come up with a story of why I was gone for however long I was here, and then explain where you came from.”

                “You’ve been here almost two days,” Anemone said. “And I am afraid that I will not be of much help coming up with a story of your whereabouts, I do not know what your friends and family would find acceptable.”

                Devin nodded again and thought silently about how to explain his absence and Anemone’s appearance. “What about after I wiped out during the wave, I was washed out to this boat and had amnesia for a day, then when I remembered things again, you brought me back.”

                “And how will you explain why I am staying?” she asked, watching him.

                “What about if we say you just moved out there, and we’ve started going out?”

                “Going out? Going out where?”

                Devin smiled. “Like we’re dating.”

                Anemone stared at him, confusion written across her face.

                “Like I’m your boyfriend?”
                “You mean like a beau?” she asked.

                Devin laughed and nodded. “Yeah. But where I come from, it’s called a boyfriend. And you’d be my girlfriend.”


                “So we’ll leave tomorrow?” Devin asked hopefully.

                Anemone shrugged. “Mayhap, but I am not sure. I will have to think of a story as to why I need to leave first, then we can go. Calypso and Myrina will not let me leave ever again if I tell them I want to go to the humans. My father would probably be the same way.”

                “Don’t worry about them,” Devin said as he took her hand. “They’ve been keeping you on this island for sixteen years, I think it’s time you broadened your horizons.”

                He leaned forward and gently kissed her again.

                “Does that fall under your definition of ‘broadening my horizons?’” she asked.

                Devin laughed. “We’ll go with that.”

The End

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