Hydrated: Part Eight

                Devin was sitting on the rock where Anemone had left him, waiting for her to come back. Small beams of sunlight filtered in through cracks in the rock above him, allowing enough light to make small crystals in the walls of the cave sparkle brightly, giving the illusion of bright light in the cave.

                The water beneath him bubbled and Anemone surfaced beneath him.

                “You came back,” Devin said, a little surprised and happy that she had.

                “I told you I would,” she said as she walked out of the water onto a rock by Devin’s perch. “And I brought food for you.”

                “Good, because I’m starving.”

                Anemone smiled and began pulling fruit out of her bag. “All of this is grown here on this island.”

                “But this is all tropical fruit that belongs in Hawaii or some other tropical island. What’s it doing here?” Devin asked as he held up a mango.

                “This island is not like human places, it is not controlled or bound by the same laws that your lands are. This island would not have been here if one of my sisters or my father had not willed it to be,” she explained.    

                “Who’s your dad?” Devin asked behind a mouthful of mango.

                “Triton, King of the Oceans,” she replied as she rolled an olive around on her hand.

                “He’s real?”

                Anemone nodded, lost in thought. “He is real, just like I am, and just like my sisters are, and just like this island is. But Calypso says tis better to be considered a myth, so that humans do not try to come and destroy our home.”

                “Sounds like Calypso doesn’t like humans very much.”

                “She does not mind them, but she prefers humans when she can dance and make them fall under her spell.”

                Devin nodded and wiped mango juice from his chin. “So if she’s not human, then what is she?”

                “Calypso is a sea nymph. Myrina is part siren and part nymph,” she explained.

                “And what are you?” Devin asked.

                “I am the Spirit of the Ocean. I am not completely nymph or siren, I am not completely sure what I am. I just know that I am the ocean.”

                “For a girl who’s the ocean, you seem pretty human to me. Do your sisters look like you, too?” Devin asked.

                Anemone nodded. “The only difference is Myrina has blonde hair and fair skin and silver eyes, and can weave pictures with her voice to lure in humans, but she is very dangerous. And Calypso is dark haired and skinned, and can make a human want nothing more than her when she moves her body, and she is just as dangerous as Myrina.”

                “Is that why I’m supposed to stay in these caves until I’m better?” Devin asked.

                “Yes. I am scared of what they would do to you if they learned of your presence.”

                Devin nodded. “So why save me? If your sisters are so dangerous, then why’d you risk yourself to save me last night?”

                “You were hurt, and I do not like it when a living creature is in pain,” she answered as she looked away.

                “You told me that last night, too. But what’s the real reason? A pretty girl like you wouldn’t risk something to save a boy she doesn’t know just to hide him in a cave for no real reason,” Devin said, trying to get her to look at him again.

                “You think I am pretty?” Anemone asked softly as she turned back to him.

                Devin nodded. “Yeah, I mean you said you were the ocean, and I can see it. Your eyes are the same color as the ocean, and your hair makes me think of the colors the sun turns the ocean at sunset.”

                Anemone smiled and blushed, then looked away.

                “Why’s the real reason you saved me?” Devin asked again, softer.

                “I had a dream about you, Devin. I have been missing something in my life, and you would help me fill it.”

                “Help you fill it by doing what?”

                Anemone shrugged. “I know not, just that I was supposed to save you. Which reminds me, this is for you. drink the whole thing while I am gone, and it will help you regain your strength.”

                “What is it?” Devin asked as he took the oyster cup from her.

                “Tis better if you do not know what is in it, just know that it is a medicine for you. I wish I could stay longer, but I promised Della that I would show her how to flip,” Anemone said as she stood and grabbed her bag again.

                “Wait, one more question, Anemone. Why’d you kiss me last night?”

                “I did not kiss you, I merely learned all that you know of your language,” she answered.

                “You learned it by kissing me.”

                “No, I did not. That was not a kiss,” she said. “Now I need to go, Della is waiting for me.”

                So saying, she quickly dove into the water, leaving no ripples behind. Devin watched where she’d disappeared, hoping that she would come back soon and that he hadn’t made her mad.

The End

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