Hydrated: Part Seven

                Anemone quickly ran down the beach back to her home, nearly running into Myrina as she came in.           

                “There you are, Anemone! And you are all wet! Where have you been this early?”            

                “I could not sleep, and I swam with the dolphins,” she lied.

                Myrina nodded. “Do not do that again, you frightened me. And if it were Calypso who had woken first, she would have torn the island apart looking for you.”

                Anemone nodded. “I will not.”

                “Good. Now go change out of your wet clothes. I have already made you food to break your fast and for later today, I know you will probably want to go explore more today.”

                Anemone nodded and quickly walked back to the room she and her sisters shared. She untied the knot at her hip and tried to wring out most of the water.

                “Did you have a fun morning swim, Anemone?” Calypso asked as she stretched and sat up.

                Anemone nodded.

                “Just put your wet nightgown out on the rocks to dry today,” she said as she stood and walked to the fire pit where Myrina was standing.

                Anemone nodded again, thankful for the privacy where she could try and remind herself that her sisters knew nothing of the boy named Devin she’d hidden in the caves. She took her nightgown off, flinging sand everywhere with the wet silk, then dried off with the seaweed blanket at the foot of her bed. She opened the driftwood trunk at the foot of her pallet and pulled out her only pair of human clothes, shorts and a t-shirt, her father had called them when he’d given them to her for her sixteenth birthday. She quickly put them on, and pulled out her silver hairbrush and ran it through her wet locks.

                As she brushed her hair, she thought of Devin. There were so many questions burning in her heart that she desperately wanted to know about him and about his world, chief among them being if he would take her there with him. Anemone quickly braided her hair back and tied it off with the remaining silver that hadn’t been braided into her hair. She put her brush back in her trunk and ran back to where Myrina was filling her bag with food.

                “Do not swim out too far today, Anemone,” Myrina warned. “There is a shark feeding frenzy out there today, and I do not want them to mistake you for food while you are swimming.”

                Anemone nodded and grabbed her bag, anxious to go see Devin. “I will stay close to the island.”

                “Good,” Myrina said as she looked up. “Why are you wearing those?” she asked when she saw her sister’s human clothing.

                “Tis easier to swim in the caves when I can move my legs without a skirt in the way,” she said, telling the partial truth.

                Myrina nodded. “Have fun today, but remember, do not go out in the deeper waters!”

                “I will not,” Anemone called over her shoulder as she ran out of the tent, her bag in hand.

                Calypso came and stood next to Myrina. “She is excited to go exploring today.”

                “She is every day, Calypso. Even more so today because she wishes to calm her spirit. Exploring will help ease her troubles today.”

                Calypso nodded. “Tis better that she be out today, for you and I have much to discuss about the human boy coming here.”


The End

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