Hydrated: Part Six

                When Devin finally saw land, the dawn was beginning to color the sky lightly far behind him. The water rippled beside him and Anemone surfaced.

                “Welcome to my home, Devin,” she said as she looked out at the island.

                Devin looked with her at the black sand. “This is where you live?”

                “My sisters and I,” she answered. “My sisters!”

                “What about your sisters?”

                “I am not supposed to have you here, I am not supposed to be with humans. They will be very angry if they find out. I…I am scared of what they will do if they find you here.”

                “Not supposed to be with humans? So you’re not one?”

                Anemone looked at Devin with wide eyes. “It is hard to explain right now, but I have somewhere to take you where you will be safe. But you have to come quickly.”

                “Okay,” Devin answered. He barely had enough time to take his next breath when Anemone grabbed him and dragged him underwater. He fought against her and tried to make it to the surface, but she shook her head.Trust me,she mouthed. Reluctantly, Devin nodded and swam with her as she led him beneath the island into a cave system.

                She pulled him up into a cave, and he greedily drank in the moist air.

                “What is this place?”

                “Caves I found yesterday when I was exploring,” she answered as she walked up onto a rock that jutted out from the cavern wall. “You will be safe here, and I will come and visit you when I can, but I have to go soon, or Calypso and Myrina will worry because I am gone.”

                “Calypso and Myrina. Are those your sisters?” Devin asked, trying not to stare at the way her dress was completely see-through when wet and how it clung to her body.

                Anemone nodded. “I must go. I will see you later today, after Calypso and Myrina leave.”

                Devin nodded as she dove into the water. “Wait, Anemone!”

                She bobbed back up and watched him expectantly.

                “Thank you.”

                She smiled. “Of course.”

The End

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