Hydrated: Part Four

                Calypso watched Anemone sleep for a moment, wondering what her youngest sister was dreaming about.Please not more about that boy,she hoped.

                “Is she still asleep?” Myrina asked, coming up behind her older sister.

                “For now,” Calypso answered with a nod. “I hope she is not having more dreams about that boy. Those dreams will only bring trouble. None of us were made to have a love we could keep. Anemone is too pure to let a broken heart rule her life.”

                “This is why father wanted us to protect her?” Myrina asked.

                “Partially,” Calypso answered as she turned to face her. “It is also because Anemone is the Spirit of the Ocean. The ocean is innocent, and Anemone does not need to know what terrors she could be capable of if man’s world corrupted her.”

                “Mayhap that is what she has nightmares of,” Myrina mused. “Nightmares of what she could be like.”

                “It is a possibility. But we cannot know for sure, she will never speak of her nightmares, lest it be with the dolphins or fish. And they will never speak of what she says to them,” Calypso said. “Sometimes I wish she would let us ease her troubles and burdens. She is too young to bear all the fears and hopes hidden in her eyes.”

                “She is the ocean, Calypso,” Myrina said as she put her hand on her sister’s shoulder. “The ocean is full of those things, and has no one to turn to. It would not be the ocean if it did not. But I, too, wish the same as you. Ocean though she may be, she is our sister and tis too hard to watch her suffer the way she does.”

                Calypso sighed and leaned against her sister. “There are times I think that sheltering Anemone from what she wants is too hard, but then I remember that it is what we must do. She is all we have.”

                Myrina nodded in agreement and looked out toward the moon. “We must rest, and tomorrow we shall plan of what to do about the human boy.”

The End

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