Hydrated: Part Three

                Devin shook the water out of his eyes. It was another hot summer day at Venice beach, and he and his friends were spending it the way they usually did, in the water or partying on the sand.

                “Devin! Are you going to let a wave that small knock you off?” asked Aaron, his best friend.

                “No, I was just taking a quick break,” Devin replied as he climbed back on his surfboard.

                Aaron rolled his eyes. “Whatever. But I’d try to stay on the board now, Erica and Sydney are here, and they brought half the school.”

                Devin looked back on the beach where his friend was pointing and saw that Erica and Sydney were at the beach, and a party was starting in full swing.

                “One more wave and then we’ll go in?” Aaron asked.

                Devin nodded and started going farther out. A wave came and he started riding the swell. As the water started moving around him, he began to see a girl’s face in the water. She had high cheekbones and a strong face, with two different colored eyes and thick red hair braided with silver chords intertwined with her hair. She watched him and smiled, then the water closed around Devin and he remembered nothing else.

The End

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