“Promise me that you’ll protect your sister. Do not allow the corruption of this new world lead her astray. Anemone is too innocent to let this world harm her.”

                Calypso and Myrina nodded in unison.

                “Anemone will know nothing of the new world, father,” Calypso answered softly.

                Triton nodded. “Very well then. And remember, protect her at all costs. Nothing is too great a sacrifice in comparison to her life. You know what is at stake if she falls.”

                “Of course, father,” Myrina said. “Anemone will stay sheltered with us. Nothing will happen to her under our care.”

                “I will not be able to come and see you for many years,” Triton said regretfully as he leaned down and kissed Calypso’s and Myrina’s foreheads. “Raise Anemone the way your mothers raised you.”

                With those final words, the King of the Oceans took a step backward into the salty water and disappeared in a giant wave. The same wave that took their father then brought up a large half shell of an oyster. Inside the oyster was a pearl, the egg that Anemone would soon hatch from.

                Myrina leaned down and grabbed the giant pearl and held it against her chest. “Where to take and raise our sister, Calypso?”

                The dark haired nymph stared out at the ocean longingly as she answered. “There is an island nearby with only salt water flowing over its sands. This is where we shall go, and this is where Anemone shall be kept safe.”


The End

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