The MeetMature

Hyde is a nightclub owner with a medical fetish. Lisa is an Oscar nominated actress who got her start in the porn industry. With her past work experience, its a match made in SubxDom heaven.

"Are you sure this outfit looks okay?" Megan asked her friend, coming out of her bathroom in a short skirt, pumps and white blouse. Lisa gave her a friend a nod, looking at her from the mirror of her compact since her back was to her friend. Closing it, she turned on her heel to face her friend, a smile on her plump lips. Lisa herself wore a tight black leather skirt that stopped well above her knees and a blue v-neck blouse that not only brought out her eyes, but her large bust as well. 

"You look great Megs." The actress reassured her friend, giving her arm a gentle squeeze. "Now, get your purse and lets go." she directed her friend, pointing to the door of her high end loft apartment. On the way out of her home, she grabbed the necessities. Her ID, credit card, phone, lipgloss, a few condoms and her clutch that she all stuffed it into. 

The driver she hired for the night was already waiting for them curbside, the door to the backseat of the limo opened for them to slide right into. Lisa thanked the man before getting in after her friend, tucking her ankles under one another like a lady should. But by the end of the night, she knew she would be acting nothing close to ladylike. 

Reaching the nightclub, Lisa looked around at the booming scene with a smile on her face. Some folks in line instantly recognized the young star and soon the lights on iPhones and Androids were flashing in her eyes light crazy, fans taking photos of her as she walked passed the line and into the club easily. Once inside, she was able to locate the manager and ask for a private area - just for her and some friends that would be coming later to meet them. After being escorted to a private area of the club, Lisa put in an order for some drinks before settling into her seat - trying to find the next man she planned on taking home with her that night. 

The End

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