The Legend BeginsMature

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"What are you doing here? If anyone catches you talking to me, we're both dead." 

"You sound like a cat when you hiss like that. Relax, no one from the Pack is around." 

"Its the Coven I'm worried about."

"Now you sound like the rest of those leeches."

The figure spun round and slammed her against the wall. Despite the force being enough to knock the wind out of her, she still managed a growl. 

"Those leeches are still my friends and family. And I worry more about them than the Pack because at least the Pack care enough about you to hear you out, Imogen." 

His face no longer in shadow, she drank in his image and his closeness. Dark hair spilled messily into deep green eyes. His skin was pale, as though he rarely saw the sun (true) and he looked barely out of his twenties (not true). A furrow of worry and a touch of anger marred his perfect features. She let her own anger go, placing her hand on his near-translucent skin.

"I'm sorry." She replied, with genuine emotion. "Three more pups were taken today. Its hard not to be angry."

His face softened. Her eyes reminded him of summer skies, something he loved as dearly as he loved her passion for her people, despite the fact that it infuriated him at times. He relaxed, moving away from her and watched with hooded eyes as she adjusted her sombre clothing and hair that reminded him of autumn leaves. She truly was a creature of the woods and weather. Unlike himself, with his distinctly urbane air. 

"I guess even we can't avoid the War all of the time." He was bitter, thinking of the losses his coven had sustained whilst he had been here, in this abandoned hut in the middle of nowhere, with a woman who was, by her very species, was his mortal enemy. 

She raised those startling blue eyes to meet his. "We're going to have to."

He scoffed. "Its impossible. The fact that we're here, in this fucking shed, as opposed to strolling outside in the open is proof of that."


"No! It's a stupid dream, Imogen. We can never escape the War. We're always going to have to hide. You're a mutt and I'm a leech and there's not a goddamn thing either of us can fucking do about it, because the second we're found out, we're dead!" His voice had risen to a shout, dangerously loud, but on a night like tonight, with attacks passing between the camps, it went unheeded. 

"I'm pregnant."

Her voice was low, but he flinched away from her as though she had made to attack him. 

"Impossible.. How.. I mean you're.."

"A mutt, yes I heard. But it couldn't be anyone else, Tobias. And I'm pregnant." 

He moved very quickly to stand directly in front of her, on of his hands on either side of her face, eyes fixed intently on hers, searching for some kind of hint that this was a joke or some lie cooked up to get into the vampire camp. Something that meant that this couldn't be true. After several desperate moments, he found only fear and a strange defiance that scared him more than anything. 

"You can't possibly be thinking-"

"I won't murder a pup."

"But its not a were.. its"

"..Something new. Think about it! This could be the end of the War. A hybrid child, proving that our races can stop fighting. Neither side would kill the child because neither will kill one of their own."

"They'll tear the kid apart."

"Not as long as I'm around they won't." Her eyes snapped fire and he saw that her mind was already made. This was not a request for guidance. This was her merely informing him of the situation. He was going to be a father to a child that would embody the worst nightmare to both his kind and hers. 

He was going to be a father. 

A sudden feeling; pride, fear and a kind of love that went bone-deep enveloped him and he pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her, breathing in her earthy, spicy smell. After a moment, she hugged him close and for the first time, he realised that she was shaking. 

"I won't let anything happen to you-either of you." He murmured fiercely into her hair.


"Twelve fucking kids." Tobias cursed as he looked at the chaos that was their rambling, hidden home, deep in forgotten mountains. "As if the though of one wasn't bad enough, we got twelve. And the crowning glory of it all is that its the motherfucking full moon tonight."

"Stop complaining." Imogen chided gently as she appeared in the doorway to their kitchen. "We only have six wolves." She grinned. 

"Yeah, but the vampires are wolves and the wolves become vampires and you just go nuts once a month... Remember last full moon? Jackson ripped up an entire cedar and Hayley nearly drained someone. And William just sat there, the whole time, watching everything like he was writing it down in his head or something."

"Jackson is an Alpha and I did tell you to take all of them hunting before the full moon. They're stronger than both of us and with bigger appetites."

He gave her a 'no shit' look that eventually brought a laugh. 

"You're not the only one who thinks they're little fuckers you know." Imogen said warmly, wrapping her arms around his waist to rest her chin on his shoulder. "But we have six kids that are going to be fine wolves and six that could take down even your Alpha. And yeah, the full moon is confusing with them all changing and being absolutely uncontrollable and impossible to tell apart..but do you really want anything different?" 

He smiled, reluctantly. "You say that every full moon." 

"Am I ever wrong?" He could hear the smile in her voice. 

Turning swiftly, he pulled her close for a kiss. "Never." 

The End

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