Axel Chaos

Axel stood on the roof of abandoned broken down house the sun was setting, Axel's students took up positions around the house however Axel could already see trouble brewing. One student by the name Izay had decided to jump the gun. Axel could see himself when this student, he only wished to prove himself, but also Izay had a sort of rivalry with another student named Fucelli. This also reminded Axel of his rivalry with Aldrest.

Axel leapt from the roof quietly and apprehended Izay with an understanding tone however, Axel's plan to deal with the blood sucking black soul fell apart has Fucelli kicked down the already loose door down. Within moments Fucelli was sliding backwards his short sword blocking his attackers punch. Before Axel could react Fucelli was sent flying towards the gnarled forest behind him. He jumped and caught Fucelli before he could get to gravely injured.

"You idiots." Axel grumbled getting a little ticked at his students misbehaviour endangering the others," Your supposed to work like a team not like selfish brats."He hissed before hitting the ground and tearing forwards towards the black soul that was now rounding on Izay who was to slow to hold the black soul off with his rather large hammer.  The other two students came up behind the black soul but this black soul had an agility that Axel had only seen once before. 

"Get back!" Axel yelled," This one is stronger then the ones we have fought together before!"

This black soul also was also a little different, the marking were different on its face, it strength and agility were also much stronger then normal. Axel couldn't find any other differences but that was because most of its features were hidden under its dark cloak. The Black soul shoved Izay managed to take advantage of the distraction of his teammates and slammed his hammer hard reinforced by his brown spiritual energy. The black soul made hissed violently, slashing  Izay down to the ground, it spun around readying its final blow on the young student.

"I don't think so!" Axel said as an orange arc picked up the black soul off the ground and knocked the darkened soul through a tree, leaving a trail of black blood on the ground.

"That's different." Axel muttered to himself as his students gathered around him.

"Whats different Axel?" Fucelli asked him.

"Nothing." He said comfortingly," Alright Fucelli, Kael, Sarn, its your turn. Fucelli I want you to do your multiple piercing attack with spiritual bursts, while  Sarn uses her chained daggers to keep the this blood sucker still. Kael once Fucelli finishes his attack your clear to use that drill weapon of yours to finish it off! Izay and I will provide back up. Now go!" Axel told his students who willingly took his orders.

Normally Axel would let them figure things out for themselves, but this black soul was too much, especially since Axel knew most of them would have fallen within the next couple blows, but this one was different.  Sarn wrapped her changed daggers around the black soul and squeezed it tight around a large granite boulder, the thing began shrieking a blood curdling scream as Fucelli pierced it multiple times its flesh exploding from the pressure of the spiritual energy. Kael charged from above a brilliant tornado of red spiritual energy emanated from her drill which only spun faster each second. Even Axel himself feared a direct blow from Kael seeing that out of all his students Kael's weapon dealt the most brutal, damage if not appropriately blocked or dodged.  The boulder exploded from Kael final attack throwing a huge amount of dust into the air.  They jumped back cautiously waiting for the dust to settle.

"We did it!" Sarn and Kael said happily, while the two boys clenched their fist desiring more power. 

Once the dust settled a puddle of black blood was all that appeared to be left of their foe.

"Lets go." Izay said in a disappointed tone.

"Hang on,  Black souls don't die or simply become a puddle of dark blood they usually reside in the body, once they are defeated they are simply just energiless to attack further." Axel warned.

As their enemy began ooze from the ground taking shape, it bubbled into the shape of a human showing its sharp teeth, as it howled, before leaping from the ground high into the air.

"Leave this to me." Axel said jumping after it," Split" He commanded as Maelstrom fell apart into four different blades, and shot towards the dark soul stabbing it in four different places, this time taking it down for sure this time


Waiting for Axel and his students at the academy was a pleasant surprise.

"Haven't seen you out of that office of yours in a while." Axel said Jovially towards Aldrest," Keep that up and your gonna lose hard next time we fight. " Axel smiled.

"I don't know Axel, I still won last time." Aldrest defended himself, " I guess the mission was a success?"

"Ya, however these two need to learn to stop trying to show off, and let their emotions get the better of them. As well as do some proper team work instead of trying to out do each other all the time. If I wasn't there things would have been bad."

Fucelli, and Izay already started to look guilty but looked at each other furiously. Aldrest smiled looking at Axel and laughed.

"Anyways I need to fill out the mission report and we'll talk later, there is a few things I would like to tell you in private conversation."  Axel said taking his students to the academy building.

After he had said by to his group Axel retired to his room, where desperately tried to fill out the report, but his mind kept shooting off back to the battle. That Black soul, he never had seen anything like it, not only that but ut reminded him of his meeting or dream with his dad.

"They will come for you."

It wasn't new information that they were strange black souls seeming to pop out of the woodwork, but Axel never thought he would have to deal with one, on a mission with his students.

The End

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