Cassandra Sove moves to Juneau, Alaska where she meets the Sabren family. After meeting them, her life takes turns for the dangerous. When values of love, family and revenge collide, Cassandra must make choices that will alter her destiney, possible forever.

The night was silent and still. The young man walked on to the hill top and sat down, staring at the stars. The night was peaceful, too; not a cloud in the sky. He turned around as he heard someone aproach him. He relaxed when he realized who it was. If it was anyone but her, he thought, I'd tell them to go away. But he had always felt a connection to her, nothing romantic, of course. Their connection, perhaps, was because she was the one who turned him.

She sat down next to him. "What's the matter, Joel?" she asked.

"Nothing," he responded.

She sighed. "Joel, I've known you for near one hundred years. I know something is going on."

Now, it was Joel's turn to sigh. "I don't know, Elizabeth. It's like... I"m supposed to be somewhere, or... do something.... But I don't know."

Elizabeth paused before she answered him. "Do you think you're seeing your own?"

"I don't know. It's possible."

"What's possible?" A third voice joined the two.

"Star, go away," Elizabeth said.

"Now see that," Star said. "Is what I deem as an open invitation."

"Alaska," Joel said suddenly.

"No, Joel, we're in Michigan," Star said.

Elizabeth, however, understood. She stood up and said, "I'll go tell William."

Joel and Star followed. "Wait," Star said. "I still don't understand."

"We're moving to Alaska," Joel said.

"Alaska?! Why, it's so cold..."

"Oh, it's not like you can feel it," Elizabeth snapped.

"Besides," Joel said. "It's about time we moved on anyways."

The End

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