Vacant Personalities

Adelina LaRosa.. That was it! Her name, the key to her future and past. It held every tear shed and every loving smile. It was the name she had given herself, the one that defined her inside and out.

She remembered now.. Adelina, or Lina, was an orphan, or atleast she thought she was. She had no idea if her parents were still out there somewhere, and really, she couldn’t care less. From her childhood, Lina had been bumped around from one foster family to another. Although many people had welcomed her with open arms, she never once felt at home. The only thing she had to herself, and the only thing that never changed was the fact that she was Adelina LaRosa, a free spirit.

But that was all.. The feeling of discovery only lasted so long. Nothing else came to her, and so she was left with a half-empty name. Her mind went blank again and the voices started arguing where they left off.

Do something quick!
Don’t worry about it. It’s all going to be fine..
How could you say that?!

The End

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