Reverse The Shadows Of Dusk

This girl… she was short and had tanned skin. Her hair was straight and long, and her eyes were darker than the night. She was slim and pretty, in a very unique way. Her expression was mostly cheerful, but it seemed as though she held some sort of a deep, horrible secret.

There was a slight breeze, and the sun was just setting over the open field. The air was quiet and the smell of spring still lingered. The girl was frolicking and laughing, fully enjoying the evening. The whole world seemed to be at peace until…

“Ahh. There you are. I knew I would find you here.”

The flashback seemed so real that she felt a growl building up inside of her as fear spread through the young girl’s face. It felt almost maternal.

The color was drained from the girl’s face. Her eyes were panic-striken and her breathing shallow. She knew that voice very well and also knew that meant there was no escaping now. This girl’s life was about to be turned upside down.

This girl… was hers…

The End

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