Affliction At Heart

In the midst of the unbearable, piercing shrieks, she sensed that things couldn’t get any worse and any more bewildering. Well, except for the voices.

She finally opened her eyes, without knowing what to expect. The colors and lights made her too dizzy to distinguish reality from her imagination. She then opened her ears too, trying to see if she could hear anything familiar.

Stop the screaming. I can’t even hear my self!
You. You. You. Is that all you think about?
I thought I told you to shut up!

She suddenly realized the high-pitched noises were coming from within her. Then, she remembered the pain. The incredible, incessant pain, that was all triggered by one voice. It was that one soft voice that although seemed to be in the background, brought back the most memories, and not to mention misery.

Loves me not. Loves me not? Loves me NOT!  But how?

This time, and image appeared in her head. There was a field full of daisies, and a young girl that seemed to be..


The End

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