Spiral Down To Whispers

Her screams drowned out the sounds of everything around her, but nothing could quiet those voices.

What’s going on?! What went wrong?

With every word, her screams got louder and louder, untill they became quiet sobs… Her head was spinning as the bickering continued.

I told you so!
No. You were wrong, and you know it.
I only did what was for the best.. No harm done.
Shut up. No! Shut up. SHUT UP !

She continued her weeping and whimpering while a new voice entered her head.

Love me. Love me not. Love me…

This new voice caught her attention, mostly because it was soft, and almost sad.

Love me not. Love me. WHAT ?! Love me not!!

Pain ripped through her spine as she let out a loud wail.


The End

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