The child who never cried

"His stomach was rumbling and his whole body longed after food. But the sun had set and maybe tonight would be his lucky night. Maybe there would be a child somewhere who would cry or refuse to sleep as its parents told it." 

My father's eyes now burrowed into mine and I couldn't stop myself from turning my face away. The steel blue irises shone in the light from the small lamp. Those eyes had always scared me, it was so easy to see if he was angry. They scared me that night as well. 

"A few miles away, there was a girl. Her name was Julia. That night, Julia had been left to care for her younger brother, William. William was only five years old. It was way past William's bedtime and Julia, who was nearly an adult, was in the living room, watching the telly. In his room, William wasn't sleeping. He was playing with his stuffed animals. In his den, Nighttooth heard the laughter of the child. He exposed his long canines with a snarl. Tonight, he would feed." 

"Nighttooth made his way to the house from where he had heard the giggle. He saw Julia in the couch, it hadn't come form her. Then he saw the little William through a window. With what could only be described as a smile, Nighttooth walked up to the window. William was facing away from it, he couldn't see the monster standing outside. It took said monster less than a minute to open the window and sneak inside. When Julia then went to look if her brother was sleeping or not, there was no one there, only a wet spot on the sheets."

The End

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