Why are guys such jerks? Every time she passes the construction crews she braces for impact. Sexual comments, jokes, and flexing of countless muscles. Just the thought of it makes her gag. Jane walked down the street admiring the cool air. Walks always helped clear the shit from her mind. She knew she must be attractive but for crying out loud just say some compliments, not talk about your dying dick. She smiled at the thought of ripping the construction workers penis off and throwing it into the street and watching a car flatten and smear it all over the road. She shook her head to clear the thought from her head and threw open the door to the tiny coffee shop.

"Hey Jane!" Zeke shouted over the whirring coffee grinders.

"Hey Zeke, Caramel mocha" Jane made her order and sat on one of the flimsy stools.

"Hows the job?" Zeke asked as he started making her order.

"Oh Carmichaels fired me..." Jane whispered.

"You wouldn't sleep with him would you?" Zeke grunted.

"I'm a go getter and fucking is not part of my job description" Jane said with a smack of a fist on the counter to emphasize her point.

"Hahaha so true!" Zeke shouted as he handed her the drink.

Jane gave him $2.50 and turned and left. She pushed open the door and waited for the bus. She looked through her purse making sure she wasn't missing anything. Everything stopped moving and she felt things tightening around her. The envelope was gone. It must have fallen out when she was giving that fucking sexist construction worker a piece of her mind. She frowned and stepped into the bus and thought to herself that she better lock the door or just sleep with her shotgun beside her.

The End

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