Rufus, an inner city construction worker and Jane, an outspoken go-getter, find themselves entangled in a humerous web of attraction.

Sometimes a guy just gets a little tired of his friends. Even if he has the coolest, smartest, craziest buddies in South Chicago, he starts to wonder what it would be like to meet someone new. Even if he spends all day busting his ass at construction sites, and wise- cracking over beers until dawn, he still daydreams about coming home every night to the same girl, sitting down to dinner, helping with the dishes, and snuggling on the couch to watch Family Feud. Call me a romantic if you want to, but it's just human nature. 

It had been a month since Lila broke things off, and still I couldn't stop thinking about her. This wasn't the first time she'd broken up with me. I mean, in our two years together, we'd been pretty on and off. She liked to make a big scene and storm out, but she always called a couple of days later, crying and apologizing, and frankly, the make-up sex was amazing, so I'd never been too upset. But now she'd finally decided to go out with that medical student from London that she met at Starbucks, and I hadn't heard from her in almost five weeks. Seemed like it was for real this time.

"Dude," Greg called, jostling me from my thoughts, "Why do you look so depressed today? Are you seriously still thinking about that chick Lila? We've told you she's not worth it. Get over her already."

"Give him a break, Greg," Jose countered, dropping off the scaffolding to stand beside me. "Being dumped is the shit. I bet he feels like his heart's been run over by a dump truck. Isn't that how people always feels in movies?"

"That's how chicks feel," said Greg. He poked at my arm with the head of his hammer. "Guys are different. We want to be free, not tied down all the time. Getting dumped is a blessing. When was the last time you hooked up with some hot girl you met in bar?"

I sighed. "I'm fine, you guys. Really. Today would have been our two year anniversary, is all. No big deal."

"Jesu Christo," said Jose. "Stop thinking about it, okay? We can get beers later, but right now, we need to finish this roof. No matter how much you still love her, Lila isn't worth your job."

He was right, of course. I clambered to my feet and took the can of nails that Jose held out to me. "Maybe you'll meet someone at the bar," he continued. "We can go tonight and see what's up."

"You don't need to wait until tonight to score a date," Greg laughed. "That's the great thing about being in construction! We get to stand on street corners and take our pick of all the women walking by. They act angry about it, but secretly they love the attention. Women are all the same. You just gotta' learn how to speak their language. Like this, see?" He pointed.

Sure enough, an attractive young lady in a navy suit and heels was just passing by. She had a pretty nice body and a large chest, and bright red hair that flounced around her shoulders, but the way she was walking caught my attention. She stood perfectly straight and took small, quick steps, her gaze never shifting from directly in front of her. Don't fuck with me, her posture seemed to say. I glanced back at Greg, who was staring at her with wide eyes, and groaned inwardly, knowing what was coming.

"Hey sexy!" He yelled. "My dick just died! Can a bury it in your ass?"

I closed my eyes.

"Fuck off, asshole!" She yelled, never breaking her even stride. I shrugged, What can you do? but Greg's face was turning red. Girls never talked back to him, I guess.

"I wouldn't want you anyway!" He hollered. "My grandmother had better tits than those sacks of cement!"

She moved so fast that none of us had any time to react. In an instant, she had crossed the street, and was in front of us, pinning Greg against the wall with the handle of her giant leather purse. "Listen, asshole," she breathed, "You better keep your fucking mouth shut or I’ll drive a spear up your ass until your nose split in half. I don't fuck around with creeps, and I don't think you want to fuck with me. Got it?"

And then, as fast as she had appeared, she was gone, strutting off down the street as though nothing had happened. Jose was gasping with laughter, and Greg glared fiercely at the ground. "Crazy bitch," he muttered. 

I was on the verge of laughter too, but at the same time I couldn't take my eyes of her retreating form, and that fiery red hair fluttering in the wind. Just as she disappeared, I noticed something white lying in the dirt where she had been standing. "Look at this, you guys," I said, picking up the envelope. "It must have fallen out of her purse."

"Who gives a fuck?" Greg snapped. "I hope it's important so she'll come back for it, and then we'll just throw it away."

I stared hard at the envelope. Instead of a return address, the top left corner bore a stamp of some fancy insignia and the letters S. S. P. The envelope was addressed to Ms. Jane H. Matthews, 206 Chestnut Court

Without a word, I carefully slipped the envelope into my pocket and picked up the can of nails. "Come on, you guys," I said. "Let's finish this roof."

The End

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