it's a story about a teenage boy who for once wanted to be normal like the rest of the kids.He's always picked on bulled, etc. but when he confronts a woman like no other his world is turned upside down literally.

 Chapter 1: first day at school.

 6AM I wake up with bad breath greeting me in the morning, i look around as i see my room as a complete mess. "I must of been partying last night" I thought to myself. Then a loud knock on my door was heard, my sister barges in yelling and screaming at me as always. "get up you big lug of bolts" she calls me. Why! do i have to have an older sister who's always nagging on the phone and can't get what she wants out of me. No matter how many times i said no, she always comes up with silly schemes and there was a secret that she didn't want nobody not even my mom to find out. She always called me her bf since we was little kids, i know creepy right. But even if i told mom or my friends she would haunt me forever and not let up on me, i have to say when she first kissed me she became like an obsessed freak right away. It was like i wanted to run away from her but she's like "oh! where do you think your going Mr. love of my life?" love of my life. come on that girl got some serious issues you know it and i know it. well time for me to catch the bus. Oh! don't worry more people will be introduce in this story. By the way I'm Tim and that's my sister Jackie control freak Jones i hope you join in this story. And don't worry Terrex is going to write my part as the story moves along and unfolds. well enjoy the ride.

The End

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