Huntress: Part Two

It is our third moon cycle in our new home. Mæthor and Triagnę are putting the finishing touches on the last of the ice huts. I look around from my vantage point on an ice cliff. Our numbers have greatly diminished during our journey. I look over the spots of black, blonde, and brunette searching for my sister's head. She is like me, an albino, and a great honor to be one. We are the only two out of our people, so it is easy to spot her ice-blonde hair. I silently leap off the cliff, my sealskin boots not making any sound in the snow. I pull my white hood down, and jog into the village. Heads turn my way, but I ignore the stares. I find my sister standing by the jeweler's stall.
"Ayana, come! We must go back to the hut," I say as I put my hand on her shoulder.
"Traværa, it is not sunset yet! Why do we have to go?"
"Because we must, Ayana." I gently take the ice and diamond necklace from my sister's hand and returned it to the jeweler.
With one last glance at the necklace, Ayana follows me away. "Traværa, why is no one courting you?"
I shrug. "I do not know, Ayana. Maybe it is because I am too busy watching after you to see anyone."
Ayana skips a few steps ahead of me, and then turns and fixes me with milky eyes. "I think it is because you are so cold you make the ice crack. If you would loosen up, then someone would want to be with you."
I stop walking and stare at Ayana with my blue-silver eyes. "Ayana, I am not being courted because I do not wish to be courted."
She shrugs and continues skipping ahead of me. I would never tell her this, but no one wants to court me becuase they look right through me. Every man in our village wants a woman who is weak and needs them. I am not this girl. I am the sixteen year old girl who has been torn from her childhood to take care of a child sister and a home. I have no time to be weak and needy for a man, so I am not. And yet, part of me secretly wonders what it would be like to be weak and needy…

The End

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